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The word Orellana has a web popularity of 37800000 pages.


What means Orellana?
The meaning of Orellana is unknown.

David Orellana says: The surname Orellana derives from Aureliana, referring to Emperor Aurelianus Estate in Spain.

Marcelo Orellana says: The proposed relationship between Orellana and Aureliana is at best an hypothesis lacking the most elemental foundation.

Andres Ygnacio Orellana Borges says: Few Orellana in Venezuela, mostly found in the Andes mountain chains of Venezuela.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Orellana is the most comfortable way to experience cuyabeno.
Orellana is to see that they are sold provisions at a fair price and that deserters be aprehended.
Orellana is to advise francisco de arriola who will make arrangements for supplies for the passage.
Orellana is a business committed to providing legal consulting and advising services to national and international companies in industries such.
Orellana is cultivated throughout the tropics as a coloring for cloth.
Orellana is found in largest quantities from mexico to ecuador.
Orellana is commercially grown for the dye product and for its seeds as a spice.
Orellana is a member of the district of columbia bar.
Orellana is an outstanding student and also a beneficiary of the health care school.
Orellana is a unique flat bottom vessel specially built for river navigation.

What is the origin of name Orellana? Probably Chile or Argentina.

Orellana spelled backwards is Anallero
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Eroalanl Lalnerao Nelaralo Lelaonra Nolalrea Nrealoal Ranloale Elonaral
Misspells: Orellsna Otellana Orelllana Olellana Oellana Orellanaa Oerllana Orellaan Orellnaa

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