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The word Nikita has a web popularity of 20100000 pages.


What means Nikita?

The meaning of Nikita is: Victory Of The People

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Web synthesis about this name:

...Nikita is eating in a plush restaurant when she hallucinates and interrupts a couple patrons believing a murder.
Nikita is having flashbacks of being subjected to the mind control.
Nikita is a down and out street junkie who is sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a policeman.
Nikita is a novel series written by a young and brilliant italian thriller writer.
Nikita is distinctly different from other hit shows.
Nikita is being kept prisoner in a carefully controlled environment from which there appears to be no escape.
Nikita is walking down a suburban neighborhood street.
Nikita is falsely accused of murdering an officer of the law.
Nikita is a show about a young woman off the streets named nikita.
Nikita is from top german show lines and this is not surprising given her obvious beauty.

What is the origin of name Nikita? Probably Russia or UK.

Nikita spelled backwards is Atikin
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Niakti Kaniti Ikinta Kitani Ainitk Itkani Akitni Inakit Inkait Aiknit Iikant Niatik
Misspells: Nikits Nikitta Nykita Nikitaa Nkiita Nikiat Niktia

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