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The word Korkmaz has a web popularity of 15700000 pages.


What means Korkmaz?
The meaning of Korkmaz is unknown.

Raymond KORKMAZ says: Meaning of KORKMAZ: BRAVE MAN

Web synthesis about this name:

...Korkmaz is the next to go down under a sliding challenge from akinori nishizawa.
Korkmaz is studying towards a phd degree in electrical and computer engineering department georgia institute of technology.
Korkmaz is a reserch plant pathologist with the subtropical fruits research and experimental center at the university of cukurova.
Korkmaz is defined to be the group of isotopy classes of orientation preserving diffeomorphisms of s which preserve the set of marked points and are.
Korkmaz is de actie evenzeer een signaal aan de turkse staat om eindelijk het licht te zien en zich te gaan gedragen als een verantwoordelijke overheid.
Korkmaz is met zijn 33 jaar de oudste speler van het team en werd een paar jaar geleden zelfs al afgeschreven.
Korkmaz is a good backup and is ready to be on the pitch at the age of 34.
Korkmaz is out of action for the next 5 weeks as he recovers from a groin injury but coach lucescu can field a side similar to the.
Korkmaz is fouled in his own area to give turkey the chance to regroup.
Korkmaz is ticked off for complaining about a free he gave away on the edge of the turkey box.

What is the origin of name Korkmaz? Probably Turkey or France.

Korkmaz spelled backwards is Zamkrok
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Zokmakr Zakrokm Kkorzam
Misspells: Korkmsz Kotkmaz Kolkmaz Kokmaz Korkmaza Krokmaz Korkmza Korkamz

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Korkmaz Korkmaz Korkmaz Korkmaz Korkmaz

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