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The word Bruno has a web popularity of 98500000 pages.


What means Bruno?

The meaning of Bruno is: The Brown One

Bruno Mafra says: From Belo Horizonte, MG - BRASIL ­čçž­čçĚ

Web synthesis about this name:

...Bruno is too drunk to go rescue everybody in the cellar.
Bruno is proud to manufacture a wide variety of mobility.
Bruno is proud to be the only manufacturer of stairlifts.
Bruno is a handsome black and white male with short fur.
Bruno is the article by frances yates in the dictionary of scientific biography.
Bruno is located in the prairie parkland region of saskatchewan.
Bruno is in good financial shape by erin sherbert san bruno.
Bruno is plagued by frequent nightmares as well as a cough.
Bruno is currently meeting with various deans and vice chancellors.
Bruno is considered by many to be a martyr for science and by many more to be a martyr for free thought.

What is the origin of name Bruno? Probably Italy or France.

Bruno spelled backwards is Onurb
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Bronu Rnubo Uronb Rubno Nuorb Buonr Nbuor Norbu Nroub Bunro Ruonb Nourb Bonur Orbun
Misspells: Btuno Bluno Buno Brunoa Burno Bruon Brnuo

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Bruno Bruno Bruno Bruno Bruno

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Bruno Ciullo
Bruno Zach
Bruno Siebenthal