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The word Andreas has a web popularity of 63100000 pages.


What means Andreas?

The meaning of Andreas is: Manly

Vass says: Hello, nice service

Andreas says: The origin of the name "Andreas" is greek... NOT german.

Andreas Harmanis says: it comes from the Greek word 'Andreios' which means 'brave', 'gallant'

Jan says: Jan Iversen

Web synthesis about this name:

...Andreas is situated to the beautiful santorini of cyclades.
Andreas is working on the utilization of mips for solid phase.
Andreas is situated to the beautiful santorini of cyclades complex.
Andreas is scheduled to be published by solo publications in 2000.
Andreas is the longest fault in california and one of the longest in north america.
Andreas is a small village on the northern plain of the isle of man and is some 5 miles from ramsey.
Andreas is working on his doctoral thesis which focuses on a comparative analysis of the application of competition law to energy markets.
Andreas is capable of flowing seamlessly between house.
Andreas is a remarkable person because of her personal triumphs and the progress she has achieved on behalf of not only her own tribe.
Andreas is so fascinated by religion that he used the battle between good.

What is the origin of name Andreas? Probably Germany or Norway.

Andreas spelled backwards is Saerdna
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Dreasna Asnared Redaasn Dsanera Erasadn Ndersaa Sednara
Misspells: Sndreas Andteas Andleas Andeas Andrea Andreasa Adnreas Andresa Andraes

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Andreas Spycher
Andreas Jans
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