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The word Tolstoy has a web popularity of 34300000 pages.


What means Tolstoy?
The meaning of Tolstoy is unknown.

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...Tolstoy is in the next room dying is about much more than the final days of the russian novelist.
Tolstoy is addressing in his life is expressed on pp 34.
Tolstoy is a london based ceramicist whose work contrasts simple.
Tolstoy is currently conducting analysis of seismic data from the mid.
Tolstoy is an autobiography with many references to suicide.
Tolstoy is most interested in having art being accessible by everyone.
Tolstoy is extensively enhanced with 878 annotations linked to the encyclopedia of self.
Tolstoy is able to use these two themes to show the characters in their true forms at both stages.
Tolstoy is best known for his epic war and peace and his novel anna karenina.
Tolstoy is usually remembered as the author of three huge novels.

What is the origin of name Tolstoy? Probably Russia or Sweden.

Tolstoy spelled backwards is Yotslot
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Otylsot Yttosol Yostotl Lytotso Yotlost Tsoytlo Stolyot Otlysto Ytlotso Tosoytl
Misspells: Tollstoy Ttolstoy Tolstoi Toltoy Tolstoya Tlostoy Tolstyo Tolsoty

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