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The word Ibrahim has a web popularity of 42900000 pages.


What means Ibrahim?

The meaning of Ibrahim is: Arabic Form Of Abraham

adel says: ibrahim mine im the best man in the world

Ibrahim baig says: Ibrahim baig is the best name, Ibrahim baig

Web synthesis about this name:

...Ibrahim is guru perguruan pencak silat sinlamba cilandak.
Ibrahim is an expert in lambak kidul style and spiritual teacher of sin lam ba.
Ibrahim is a victim of a high level conspiracy when anwar ibrahim was first arrested on 20 september.
Ibrahim is a sociology professor at the american university in cairo and well known for his work concerning democracy.
Ibrahim is being punished for standing up for the values the united states represents.
Ibrahim is first recipient of writing on freedom award.
Ibrahim is an active member of many national and international orthopaedic and spine deformity societies.
Ibrahim is also considered the foremost arab mathematician to treat mathematical philosophy.
Ibrahim is a professor of mechanical engineering at cleveland state university.
Ibrahim is the catheterization director for the florida institute for cardiovascular care.

What is the origin of name Ibrahim? Probably UK or France.

Ibrahim spelled backwards is Miharbi
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Bimraih Rhabmii Bharmii Rahimbi Imbiahr Mihiabr Riihabm Ahriimb Mbahiir Rmibhai Miirbah Rhimabi Haimirb Hiabmir
Misspells: Ibrshim Ibtahim Ybrahim Iblahim Ibahim Ibrahima Irbahim Ibrahmi Ibraihm

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