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The word Fredriksson has a web popularity of 6690000 pages.


What means Fredriksson?
The meaning of Fredriksson is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Fredriksson is a retired major in the finnish air force.
Fredriksson is powertrain control using nonlinear methods.
Fredriksson is the most successful canoeist in olympic history.
Fredriksson is a phd student in the department school of physics and engineering physics.
Fredriksson is interested in and explores a range of important themes and ideas in the novel.
Fredriksson is a duo playing swedish folk music on nyckelharpa and mandola.
Fredriksson is feeling fine after a successful operation to remove a tumour from her brain.
Fredriksson is working on a massive guide to african and arabic music.
Fredriksson is vooral bekend als schrijfster van romans.
Fredriksson is aardig op dreef in haar beschrijvingen van inge en mira.

What is the origin of name Fredriksson? Probably Sweden or UK.

Fredriksson spelled backwards is Nosskirderf
This name has 11 letters: 3 vowels (27.27%) and 8 consonants (72.73%).

Misspells: Ftedriksson Fredryksson Fledriksson Fedriksson Fredrikson Fredrikssona Ferdriksson Fredrikssno Fredriksosn

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