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The word Bergh has a web popularity of 10500000 pages.


What means Bergh?
The meaning of Bergh is unknown.

Sylvia Bergh says: Het is zeker dat de uit Noorwegen komt. Het valt nu onder Zweden. De plaats heet Marstrand.

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...Bergh is het huis van afkomst van de edellieden en later graven van der bergh.
Bergh is the ancestral home of the lords and later counts van der bergh.
Bergh is now 72 and researcher emeritus at the herzberg institute of astrophysics in victoria.
Bergh is een landelijke gemeente in de achterhoek die rond de 18.
Bergh is responsible for entomological research and outreach in high.
Bergh is a senior scientist and former director of the dominion astrophysical observatory as well as adjunct professor of the.
Bergh is serious about his reaching pop star status.
Bergh is an associate professor and has been involved with social work education for over 2o years.
Bergh is benoemd tot voorzitter van de vereniging vluchtelingenwerk.
Bergh is secretary of the san diego state university astronomy club and a member of the geology club.

What is the origin of name Bergh? Probably Norway or Sweden.

Bergh spelled backwards is Hgreb
This name has 5 letters: 1 vowels (20.00%) and 4 consonants (80.00%).

Anagrams: Hrebg Ghebr
Misspells: Betgh Belgh Begh Bergha Bregh Berhg Begrh

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