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The word Viktor has a web popularity of 106000000 pages.


What means Viktor?

The meaning of Viktor is: Victor

Elinborg says: Viktor means winner, hero or champion

Viktor Genel says: Viktor Genel is an American artist working in the realm of #Deutilization Conceptual Art

Web synthesis about this name:

...Viktor is in dire need of a hit and has just been sent a devastating blow by the difficult star of his latest picture.
Viktor is smugly pleased by the amount of control he has over his cgi star.
Viktor is churning out obelisks on a wide variety of political and commercial personalities.
Viktor is left with a film to finish and no actress.
Viktor is faced with the dilemma of having a hit film on his hands.
Viktor is running out of ways to keep her a mystery.
Viktor is about to be fired by a studio that is run by his ex.
Viktor is approached by the slightly mad computer genius hank aleno who claims to have written a program that will successfully imitate an actor.
Viktor is inundated with requests to interview simone.
Viktor is forced to find increasingly creative ways to keep simone in the public eye.

What is the origin of name Viktor? Probably Russia or Ukraine.

Viktor spelled backwards is Rotkiv
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Virkot Rkovti Itrovk Ktorvi Rivtok Rvokit Triokv Otrivk Virotk
Misspells: Viktot Vikttor Vyktor Wiktor Viktol Vikto Viktora Vkitor Viktro Vikotr

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