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The word Sofia has a web popularity of 251000000 pages.


What means Sofia?

The meaning of Sofia is: Widsom

Indira says: I'm from indonesia

Sofia Basmadjiew says: I love my Name, it is power and energy


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...Sofia is great for deuterium chemistry ronald stark.
Sofia is an airborne observatory that will study the universe in the infrared spectrum.
Sofia is expected to significatly contribute to or solve several of the key issues in the following areas.
Sofia is the mentor and networking programme for women in leadership positions.
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Sofia is scheduled to arrive at ames in may 2004 for final testing preparatory to full.
Sofia is an astronomical observatory that will conduct observations beginning in 2004 at an altitude of about 41.
Sofia is one of the most amazing surprises you will find in europe today.
Sofia is a favorite accommodation among backpackers for its relaxed atmosphere.
Sofia is the most important cultural and scientific centre of bulgaria with many cultural institutions and points of tourist interest as the st.

What is the origin of name Sofia? Probably Russia or Romania.

Sofia spelled backwards is Aifos
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Oifsa Fisoa Ofsia Ifaos Afosi Isfao Ofais Iafos Afiso Saifo Aosfi
Misspells: Sofis Sofya Ofia Sofiaa Sfoia Sofai Soifa

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Sofia Tuvesson
Sofia Elisabeth Lord
Sofia Grunditz
Sofia Roedenbeck
Sofia Söderin
Sofia Törnlöf
Sofia Kummel
Sofia Aini
Sofia Bäckhed
Sofia Rydberg
Sofia Sålder
Sofia Vieira
Sofia Petersson
Sofia Fri
Sofia Wigzell
Sofia Gylje
Sofia Svenningsson
Sofia Alecu
Sofia Modh
Sofia Brunzell
Sofia Hassan Farah
Sofia Park
Sofia Ramstedt
Sofia Henriksen
Sofia Diana Freccero
Sofia Ullman
Sofia Hyytiäinen
Sofia Kocken
Sofia Springer
Sofia Lodén
Sofia Kroné Karlsson
Sofia Kontos
Sofia Wetter
Sofia Kellner
Sofia Berglöf
Sofia Ibbinger
Sofia Eugenzon Persbeck
Sofia Fitoussy
Sofia Margareta Strömgren
Sofia Holmsten Charani
Sofia Lundkvist
Sofia Nasser Hussen
Sofia Elisabeth Medin
Sofia Gorgis Jawerth
Sofia Brehm
Sofia Bradley
Sofia Bergh
Sofia Pelc
Sofia Kristina Arnerdal
Sofia Kreibom
Sofia Davydenko
Sofia Gustavsson
Sofia Jons Onsten
Sofia Persson
Sofia Kuusisto Landeiro
Sofia Lannestedt Edén
Sofia Skogquist
Sofia Everling
Sofia Angel
Sofia Jupither
Sofia Bouvin
Sofia Elfver
Sofia Asukka
Sofia Seifert
Sofia Ericsson Holm
Sofia Litzén
Sofia Liljegren Andersson
Sofia Liefvergren
Sofia Söderlind
Sofia Fridh
Sofia Birgitta Callius
Sofia Mogensen
Sofia Arnbom
Sofia Lindstén
Sofia Esbjörnsson
Sofia Barré
Sofia Hansén