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The word Margit has a web popularity of 23800000 pages.


What means Margit?

The meaning of Margit is: Pearl

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...Margit is so far the only certified isis practitioner in canada.
Margit is director of teacher education and teaches social studies methods for the elementary mit.
Margit is director of teacher education and teaches the social studies component of teed 521 and teed 523.
Margit is available for private consultations in shamanic healing and clairvoyant readings.
Margit is credited with introducing the two artist to america.
Margit is a whiz at helping you figure out any problems you have with your kangaroo motorcaddie.
Margit is a certified lighting consultant with 14 years experience in the lighting industry assisting interior designers and their clients with selection and.
Margit is a holocaust survivor who married a german soldier after the war.
Margit is a member of the zoos victoria capital campaign committee.
Margit is a vibrant woman with a productively manic approach to her work.

What is the origin of name Margit? Probably Norway or Romania.

Margit spelled backwards is Tigram
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Matrig Trimga Agtimr Rgitma Tamgir Tmirag Gtairm Igtamr Matigr
Misspells: Msrgit Matgit Margitt Margyt Malgit Magit Margita Mragit Margti Marigt

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