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The word Kristina has a web popularity of 156000000 pages.


What means Kristina?

The meaning of Kristina is: Christ-Bearer

jake says: Is an inventor, musician, poet, and singer.

Kristina Renslow says: I love my name

Web synthesis about this name:

...Kristina is acknowledged as legal sucessor by the states general and the army.
Kristina is six and one half years old and is doing great.
Kristina is my oldest and she has had diabetes since she was 6 months old.
Kristina is a member of the us army world class athlete program.
Kristina is concerned with the contamination of freshwater and deforestation.
Kristina is working hard to prepare for her first event of the season.
Kristina is a very very strong person with a very very strong heart.
Kristina is automatically designated as a wesbrook scholar.
Kristina is a licensed psychologist and doctor of medical science having presented a thesis at karolinska institutet.
Kristina is a skater who has great artistic ability.

What is the origin of name Kristina? Probably Russia or UK.

Kristina spelled backwards is Anitsirk
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Irkisant Tisnirak Nitarisk Nriiskat Stiikarn
Misspells: Kristins Ktistina Kristtina Krystina Klistina Kistina Kritina Kristinaa Kirstina Kristian Kristnia

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Kristina Hammarberg
Kristina Stark
Kristina Björnsson
Kristina Vällfors
Kristina Masso
Kristina Von Schantz
Kristina Manngård
Kristina Kåhrström
Kristina Bergljung
Kristina Anglebjer
Kristina Dukic
Kristina Evén
Kristina Burman
Kristina Ellingjord Johanson
Kristina Sjökvist
Kristina Olén Carlsson
Kristina Ragnebrink
Kristina Molander
Kristina Rosmark
Kristina Eriksson Stenström
Kristina Frykman
Kristina Maria Ahlsén
Kristina Elisabet Nilstein
Kristina Moussally
Kristina Thell
Kristina Thunberg
Kristina Westlund
Kristina Jenneborg
Kristina Margareta Södergren
Kristina Lindström
Kristina Bäcklin
Kristina Lohse
Kristina Helmersson Landgren
Kristina Pilblad
Kristina Repa
Kristina Lauridsen
Kristina Majken Lundqvist
Kristina Bihlar
Kristina Güven
Kristina Dominique
Kristina Källqvist
Kristina Klang
Kristina Envall
Kristina Ingelsson
Kristina Björck
Kristina Danielsson
Kristina Sarkisian Åkerman
Kristina Margareta Dolk
Kristina Brusvall
Kristina Bramme
Kristina Nylund
Kristina Sidén
Kristina Nelson
Kristina Liden
Kristina Hulting
Kristina Rosenblad
Kristina Louise Lavén
Kristina Schnell
Kristina Björk
Kristina Jaldesjö
Kristina Ringdèn
Kristina Eriksson Nicolin
Kristina Lagerstedt
Kristina Leach
Kristina Nejström
Kristina Karolina Fischer
Kristina Kallin
Kristina Greby
Kristina Morcillo Ayika