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The word Jeanette has a web popularity of 8740000 pages.


What means Jeanette?

The meaning of Jeanette is: Gracious

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...Jeanette is dan ook gewenst en deze krijgt gestalte in een groter verwarmd terras.
Jeanette is honored with two stars on the hollywood walk of fame.
Jeanette is raising questions about the practicality of draft new smoke.
Jeanette is an approved trainer in the danish retriever club and the danish evening school association.
Jeanette is a graduate student at the university of pittburgh.
Jeanette is a creature that is native to bloomington.
Jeanette is the oldest child in a family of 4 and is a godmother to her nieces and nephews.
Jeanette is a very personable and knowledgeable young woman and we are delighted to have her guide us.
Jeanette is now pleased to offer her assistance with your collecting needs.
Jeanette is now president of reuters canada limited.

What is the origin of name Jeanette? Probably UK or Norway.

Jeanette spelled backwards is Ettenaej
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Tejneate Tjeeneat Tetaneej Etaetenj Aejteetn Eanettej Netajeet Etjetena Janteete Jatetnee
Misspells: Jesnette Jeanettte Jeanettea Jaenette Jeanetet

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