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The word Ingrid has a web popularity of 138000000 pages.


What means Ingrid?

The meaning of Ingrid is: A Meadow

Nova Sondakh says: I want to connect with my aunty. Her name is Inggrid Van Haasteren from netherland. Inggrid has a sister. her name is Elsye Van Haastern. Their mother name is Maria Lontoh from Manado, north sulawesi Indonesia. Maria Lontoh married with her husband who is name Yoppy Van Haasteren. Inggrid mother is sister of My grandmother. My grandmother name Phelomina Lontoh or Mien Lontoh. Mien Lontoh husband name is Piet Paat.

ingrid says: Awesome! So my name means meadow? I thought it was a hero's daughter...:)I never knew... Thanks for the information! :))

ingrid says: Ingrid is my name

Ottar Vendel says: It's an old Scandinavian name and has nothing to do with France. It menas "Ing (a god) is beautiful" ad has nothing to do with meadows. Note that all Ing-names from Scandinavia is frefixed by this god.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Ingrid is to provide a language where a basic element is the dataset.
Ingrid is a woman with a great sense of humour and there are quite a few laughs during our talk in the coffeeshop.
Ingrid is convicted of murdering her unfaithful boyfriend.
Ingrid is also experienced in working with issues in trauma and addictions recovery.
Ingrid is being cared for by ofi and will be released to the wild when she has fully recovered.
Ingrid is a supremely talented artist with her own immediately identifiable style.
Ingrid is soon jailed for the murder of her boyfriend and astrid.
Ingrid is the author of more than a thousand articles and six books.
Ingrid is a web developer for the communications branch in ottawa.
Ingrid is incarcerated throughout most of the novel.

What is the origin of name Ingrid? Probably Norway or France.

Ingrid spelled backwards is Dirgni
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Dgiirn Gdinir Gridin Dnirig Diginr Nigdir Rigdin Indirg
Misspells: Ingtid Yngrid Inglid Ingid Ingrida Ignrid Ingrdi Ingird

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Ingrid Digné Hultqvist
Ingrid Hedblad
Ingrid Lisette Wagnelius
Ingrid Kjellner
Ingrid Helena Agnaess
Ingrid Bertmar
Ingrid Elisabeth Espmark
Ingrid Sköld Hörnqvist
Ingrid Alice Krona
Ingrid Alfzon
Ingrid Callemo
Ingrid Elisabet Oldin