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The word Ingela has a web popularity of 3900000 pages.


What means Ingela?

The meaning of Ingela is: 1) German short form of names starting with Name List:Ing-|Ing- / Name List:Ingu-|Ingu- (see ING)

Web synthesis about this name:

...Ingela is a print journalism major with a minor in russian.
Ingela is in charge and plans the activities at the silver museum.
Ingela is working at pilgrimstad school as an fritidspedagog.
Ingela is investigating changes in plant gene expression in response to virus infection.
Ingela is a physical therapist at one of the largest hospitals in the country.
Ingela is responsible for the administrative routines of the firm.
Ingela is made of wheat that had been effectuated for three days.

What is the origin of name Ingela? Probably Sweden or Norway.

Ingela spelled backwards is Alegni
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Inagle Aglien Nealig Gainle Ngeila Gelain Anielg Nagile Elgain Agelin Niagel Eiganl Aeginl Leanig Negail Inaleg
Misspells: Ingels Ingella Yngela Ingelaa Ignela Ingeal Inglea

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Ingela Fält Nordlund
Ingela Månsson
Ingela Lillem Alefjord
Ingela Santesson
Ingela Berglund Kyhle
Ingela Bredwad
Ingela Thunberg
Ingela Gälman
Ingela Aldrin
Ingela Järnberg
Ingela Fondin
Ingela Evald
Ingela Qvarfot
Ingela Flinta
Ingela Brådvik
Ingela Hagvil
Ingela Ljungström
Ingela Törnblom
Ingela Wedar
Ingela Gerhardsson
Ingela Eckerbom
Ingela Berke Eriksson
Ingela Mahrberg
Ingela Ehrenroth
Ingela Hald
Ingela Hell
Ingela Issa
Ingela Majberg
Ingela Ringnell
Ingela Stenbäck
Ingela Rasjö
Ingela Högdahl
Ingela Roos
Ingela Roth
Ingela Unebrand
Ingela Everheim
Ingela Kihlgren
Ingela Ebenhart
Ingela Ehrenström
Ingela Engdahl
Ingela Liljebäck
Ingela Bjervner
Ingela Barkerud
Ingela Tolgén
Ingela Norrlin
Ingela Petersson
Ingela Sedin Nilsson
Ingela Marianne Runsten
Ingela Lindgren
Ingela Jenny Perzon
Ingela Stake
Ingela Helén Nyberg
Ingela Ahlström
Ingela Lidström
Ingela Sagström
Ingela Maria Zakariasen
Ingela Klinteberg
Ingela Gippert
Ingela Åquist
Ingela Svedlund
Ingela Wallman
Ingela Hallgren
Ingela Sturesson Carlsson
Ingela Ottoson
Ingela Wikström
Ingela Almgren
Ingela Dahlgren
Ingela Carlsund