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The word Gustav has a web popularity of 16800000 pages.


What means Gustav?

The meaning of Gustav is: Staff Of The Gods

Web synthesis about this name:

...Gustav is the first of the three children of martin and cassandra.
Gustav is a nice young dogue de bordeaux with an excellent temper.
Gustav is tracked back to an area of disturbed weather that moved from africa to the atlantic ocean on 24 august accompanied by a low.
Gustav is rapidly becoming extratropical as it interacts with a non.
Gustav is a graduate of the innkeeper school in vienna and received his certification as one of fifty.
Gustav is famous for employing mobile artillery on the battlefield.
Gustav is a unique zoid because it is used by both the empire and republic.
Gustav is known for his ability to create exciting and very busy restaurants.
Gustav is also involved in many other organisations that allow him to reach people in many areas of the community.
Gustav is also deejaying and his collection of vinyl is especially deep on the jazz side.

What is the origin of name Gustav? Probably Sweden or Norway.

Gustav spelled backwards is Vatsug
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Guvsat Vsagtu Utvags Stavgu Vugtas Vgasut Tvuasg Atvugs Guvats
Misspells: Gustsv Gusttav Gustaw Gutav Gustava Gsutav Gustva Gusatv

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Gustav Strömbom
Gustav Du Rietz
Gustav Lestander
Gustav Alexander Nordberg
Gustav Hagängen
Gustav Uno Palm
Gustav Sören Norén
Gustav Zetterström
Gustav Tobias Ehrnvall
Gustav Carlsson Jonasson
Gustav Birger Werelius
Gustav Hjert
Gustav Tilleby
Gustav Segerstéen
Gustav Dufvall
Gustav Bonds
Gustav Falconer
Gustav Lindgren
Gustav Winbäck
Gustav Vikberg
Gustav Barck
Gustav Wikström
Gustav Makander
Gustav Flygt
Gustav Forsberg
Gustav Ander
Gustav Matton
Gustav Lidqvist
Gustav Bramberg
Gustav Nord
Gustav Åsén
Gustav Lack
Gustav Zachrisson
Gustav Lennart Ålander
Gustav Karlsen
Gustav Swedberg
Gustav Storm
Gustav Ruben Andersson
Gustav Herrlin
Gustav Blockert
Gustav Carlbom
Gustav Biderman
Gustav Boberg
Gustav Ahlin
Gustav Hjalmarsson
Gustav Sandberg
Gustav Annebäck
Gustav Amnö
Gustav Linder
Gustav Furberg
Gustav Algotsson
Gustav Rundberg