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The word Elisabeth has a web popularity of 157000000 pages.


What means Elisabeth?

The meaning of Elisabeth is: Oath Of God

Web synthesis about this name:

...Elisabeth is without doubt one the most famous historical figures in austria.
Elisabeth is from north miss elisabeth is from north carolina.
Elisabeth is a dutch luxemoteur barge built in 1939 and has now been completely refurbished to a very high standard as a charter barge.
Elisabeth is more concerned with her personal problems though.
Elisabeth is a graduate of towson state university with a bachelors in arts degree with a major in psychology and art.
Elisabeth is also a member of the uk advisory board of business 2.
Elisabeth is another of the persons initiating this npsn.
Elisabeth is a french swiss american citizen and a world.
Elisabeth is a resident of rancho cordova and a senior at cordova high school.
Elisabeth is juist blij met het nieuws en besluit zelfs bij katarina in te trekken.

What is the origin of name Elisabeth? Probably France or Norway.

Elisabeth spelled backwards is Htebasile
This name has 9 letters: 4 vowels (44.44%) and 5 consonants (55.56%).

Anagrams: Ltebaseih Bhialeset Ltesebaih Liashebte Hbetesila
Misspells: Elissbeth Ellisabeth Elisabetth Elysabeth Eliabeth Elisabetha Eilsabeth Elisabeht Elisabteh

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Elisabeth Hedenström
Elisabeth Sahlberg
Elisabeth Norberg
Elisabeth Fallberg
Elisabeth Irene Westman
Elisabeth Röjbro Ljung
Elisabeth Jungqvist
Elisabeth Vickberg
Elisabeth Brogren
Elisabeth Svalin Gunnarsson
Elisabeth Fallman
Elisabeth Appelgren Takman
Elisabeth Wiklund
Elisabeth Tamm
Elisabeth Alffram
Elisabeth Sofie Ljunggren
Elisabeth Komatovic
Elisabeth Hed Rääs
Elisabeth Araya Rojas
Elisabeth Einemo
Elisabeth Häggmark
Elisabeth Birke
Elisabeth Johander
Elisabeth Åström
Elisabeth Renée Karlsson
Elisabeth Löfvenberg
Elisabeth Rydlund
Elisabeth Lantz Lundkvist
Elisabeth Gonzalez Cortés
Elisabeth Öman
Elisabeth Borch
Elisabeth Argårds Runesson
Elisabeth Sunesson Jakobsson
Elisabeth Westring
Elisabeth Hörnblad
Elisabeth Johansson Melberg
Elisabeth Nylen
Elisabeth Banemark
Elisabeth Emanuelsson
Elisabeth Jansson
Elisabeth Friden
Elisabeth Tysk
Elisabeth Ekelund
Elisabeth Charl Hävrén
Elisabeth Gibson
Elisabeth Billgren
Elisabeth Olsson Ambrus
Elisabeth Von Sivers
Elisabeth Joten Andersen
Elisabeth Krödel
Elisabeth Rooth
Elisabeth Vock
Elisabeth Mai
Elisabeth Öhrnberg
Elisabeth Malina
Elisabeth Lilliehöök
Elisabeth Bylin
Elisabeth Gunilla Billman
Elisabeth Eneberg
Elisabeth Witterdal
Elisabeth Ekblom
Elisabeth Sjökvist
Elisabeth Frölander
Elisabeth Linder