Elisabet - details and analysis   

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The word Elisabet has a web popularity of 12900000 pages.


What means Elisabet?

The meaning of Elisabet is: Devoted To God

Web synthesis about this name:

...Elisabet is a doctoral candidate at the department of sociology.
Elisabet is the skip and also the player who throws the last rocks.
Elisabet is a swedish national living in sweden who speaks english.
Elisabet is touted for her productivity and dedication to liaisoning with the community.
Elisabet is a biologist informed by a living systems and an evolutionary systems perspective.
Elisabet is equipped with state of the art navigational equipment.
Elisabet is a great exponent of the blues harp and she serves it up with her band blues dawg.
Elisabet is sent from boston to new orleans to live with relatives.
Elisabet is the mother of a dyslectic teenager and responsible for information at kulturhuset.
Elisabet is shown at locations such as the beach at the royal hawaiian hotel.

What is the origin of name Elisabet? Probably Sweden or Spain.

Elisabet spelled backwards is Tebasile
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Abseilte Siabeelt Elibseta Ltesebai Seebtail Etbisale Lbitease Easebtil Aislebte Sabietle Eiblesta
Misspells: Elissbet Ellisabet Elisabett Elysabet Eliabet Elisabeta Eilsabet Elisabte Elisaebt

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Elisabet Ganskog
Elisabet Wachtelius
Elisabet Sjöblom
Elisabet Lundberg Andersson
Elisabet Lövgren
Elisabet Berg Alcarruz
Elisabet Bjerlemo
Elisabet Jonsson
Elisabet Edholm
Elisabet Sonneryd
Elisabet Friström
Elisabet Ekman
Elisabet Hoffer
Elisabet Brunde
Elisabet H Rennemark
Elisabet Pegert Perlmann
Elisabet Mattizon Armgard
Elisabet Glaser
Elisabet Long
Elisabet Hedlund Österdahl
Elisabet Forsblad
Elisabet Lewin
Elisabet Farner
Elisabet Hillberg
Elisabet Krona
Elisabet Månsson
Elisabet Ehrin
Elisabet Fröman
Elisabet Zetterberg
Elisabet Harrison
Elisabet Segerberg
Elisabet Wiezell
Elisabet Cullberg
Elisabet Gannå
Elisabet Otterstedt
Elisabet Nord Melchert
Elisabet Nordström
Elisabet Haraldsson
Elisabet Ling
Elisabet Wegnelius
Elisabet Piehl
Elisabet Nisula
Elisabet Reistad
Elisabet Wallstedt
Elisabet Coulianos
Elisabet Beau Berglin
Elisabet Mattisson
Elisabet Hynninen
Elisabet Wibling
Elisabet Höistad
Elisabet Leander
Elisabet Solvei Trädgårdh
Elisabet Vinntreus
Elisabet Sundqvist
Elisabet Berglind
Elisabet Lindeman
Elisabet Handroos
Elisabet Ekdahl
Elisabet Ekholm
Elisabet Munkhammar
Elisabet Grafström
Elisabet Jutner
Elisabet Bengtsson Sjöstedt
Elisabet Blom
Elisabet Wallgren Karayigit
Elisabet Hjerpe
Elisabet Johnsson
Elisabet Leidebjer
Elisabet La Fleur
Elisabet Anna Pååg
Elisabet Skyllerstedt
Elisabet Näsström
Elisabet Sjörén
Elisabet Johannesson
Elisabet Stihl
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Elisabet Svennefelt
Elisabet Peltoniemi
Elisabet Helander
Elisabet Blix
Elisabet Hollander
Elisabet Schink
Elisabet Ekbom
Elisabet Edsman
Elisabet Kroon
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Elisabet Sanner
Elisabet Ljungar
Elisabet Bolander
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Elisabet Janzon
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Elisabet Berlin
Elisabet Lingö
Elisabet Svensson Skoog
Elisabet Innala
Elisabet Velander
Elisabet Ramstedt
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Elisabet Hiort
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Elisabet Lim
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Elisabet Grimme
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Elisabet Leijonmarck