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The word Daniel has a web popularity of 215000000 pages.


What means Daniel?

The meaning of Daniel is: God Judges

Daniel says: Wow that's big!!!!

Daniel says: I bet that there are more Daniels in Brazil than in France.

Daniel says: Im coming from Germany, there is the name "Daniel" very famous

Web synthesis about this name:

...Daniel is the eighth uw faculty member to win a fellowship since the program started in 1981.
Daniel is good at not dying a mother lives with the disciplined ambivalence of a do.
Daniel is a four award winner of the local talent association of georgia taking home.
Daniel is getting a little over protective of his new girlfriend.
Daniel is now planning to settle in the uk and develop his stage and screen career.
Daniel is a unique piece of literature among old testament books.
Daniel is the democratic spokesman of the senate agriculture and conservation committee.
Daniel is now standing upright when attempting to walk with his crutches.
Daniel is just one year old and the time for another catheter examination comes.
Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane d d b7 i can see the red tail lights heading for spain em.

What is the origin of name Daniel? Probably France or UK.

Daniel spelled backwards is Leinad
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Dalnei Lnedia Ailedn Anidel Nielda Ladien Ldenai Lnieda Ilaend Lindae Eiladn Dalein
Misspells: Dsniel Daniell Danyel Daniela Dnaiel Danile Daneil

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