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The word Christer has a web popularity of 20400000 pages.


What means Christer?

The meaning of Christer is: Follower of Christ

Web synthesis about this name:

...Christer is married to the former elisabeth walldie and has three children.
Christer is currently working on a series of books dealing with the air war on the eastern front.
Christer is celebrating his new son with a cigarette.
Christer is the inventor behind a number of innovations which have resulted in companies such as.
Christer is a bit frustrated by the mana screw loss.
Christer is responsible for fulfilling the required implementation and support services.
Christer is widely admired and respected by customers.
Christer is a member of several boards in state enterprises since 1982.
Christer is interested in homeostasis and toxicology of metals primarily in aquatic animals.
Christer is to drive around the world is a standard model with a five.

What is the origin of name Christer? Probably Sweden or Norway.

Christer spelled backwards is Retsirhc
This name has 8 letters: 2 vowels (25.00%) and 6 consonants (75.00%).

Misspells: Chtister Christter Chryster Chlister Chister Chriter Christera Crhister Christre Chrisetr

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Christer Christer Christer Christer Christer

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Christer Freidenfelt
Christer Celander
Christer Hedberg
Christer Ekbom
Christer Wahlström
Christer Hellsing
Christer Hjertstedt
Christer Niklas Anderstedt
Christer Gyökeres
Christer Fridell
Christer Vinni
Christer Hultén
Christer Tavelin
Christer Åhs
Christer Törnberg
Christer Gruber
Christer Claesson
Christer Ekermann
Christer Lavén
Christer Svedberg
Christer Grann
Christer Olausson
Christer Hjert
Christer Fridholm
Christer Westerberg
Christer Christoffersson
Christer Hjelte