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The word Cecilia has a web popularity of 136000000 pages.


What means Cecilia?

The meaning of Cecilia is: Blind

Cecilia Sierra Escobell says: Pls tell us about Saint Cecilia or Cecily (martyom)

Web synthesis about this name:

...Cecilia is a highly efficient csound programming environment.
Cecilia is a series of vignettes about a beautiful young woman who daydreams herself from erotic fantasy to erotic fantasy where she is captured and.
Cecilia is believed to be buried at the catacomb of callistus.
Cecilia is going to be a featured artist on harmony net radio in 2002.
Cecilia is the 3rd generation immigrant from okinawa.
Cecilia is a project dedicated to making known the wealth of music available in collections across the uk.
Cecilia is suppported with funding from the british library cooperation and partnership programme resource.
Cecilia is a graphic environment for music and sound composition and processing that utilizes csound for its processing and.
Cecilia is coordinating programs that train adolescents in reproductive health to function as peer educators.
Cecilia is very clear in her movements which makes it surprisingly easy to see the details of the moves.

What is the origin of name Cecilia? Probably Chile or Argentina.

Cecilia spelled backwards is Ailicec
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Ecaciil Elicaic Ecailic Ilcicae Cacelii Aicceil Ecliaci Icecail Ilcaice Alcecii
Misspells: Cecilis Cecillia Cecylia Ceciliaa Cceilia Cecilai Ceciila

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Cecilia Hamfelt
Cecilia Marie Berglund
Cecilia Åhman
Cecilia Segerberg
Cecilia Mild
Cecilia Bosdotter
Cecilia Marlow
Cecilia Lindberg Bossen
Cecilia Härlin
Cecilia Kjellröier
Cecilia Vardoulakis Nygren
Cecilia Kvist
Cecilia Weslien
Cecilia Kållberg
Cecilia Coupland
Cecilia Sjöholm
Cecilia Steneld
Cecilia Glenberg
Cecilia Frang
Cecilia Reuterskiöld
Cecilia Levin
Cecilia Grönlund
Cecilia Karoline Öster
Cecilia Anterup
Cecilia Ericsson Kaller
Cecilia Langholz
Cecilia Ekstedt
Cecilia Garrido
Cecilia Hagängen
Cecilia Branting
Cecilia Rogvall
Cecilia Andrèe Löfholm
Cecilia Vejlens Norborg
Cecilia Motevaseli Hjertman
Cecilia Cronqvist
Cecilia Tornberg Niring
Cecilia Sigfridsson
Cecilia Christensson
Cecilia Nordblad
Cecilia Shepherd
Cecilia Ryman Rosengren
Cecilia Risberg
Cecilia Hacker
Cecilia Jidkvist
Cecilia Agahi Boberg
Cecilia Nerman
Cecilia Kühl
Cecilia Nordenlöw Svantesson
Cecilia Koobs
Cecilia Eskilsson
Cecilia Prinz
Cecilia Tilly
Cecilia Olsson Lynch
Cecilia Elin Hägerlund
Cecilia Marga Aronsson
Cecilia Torrico Chavarria
Cecilia Wikner
Cecilia Andreewitch
Cecilia Kjetselberg