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The word Branko has a web popularity of 18500000 pages.


What means Branko?

The meaning of Branko is: Diminutive of BRANISLAV or BRANIMIR

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...Branko is vrijwel vanaf het begin bij iris betrokken geweest.
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Branko is a partner in the recent southland sports and expo center development.
Branko is also interested in catching squids and taking photos of stone steps.
Branko is a mutated with powerful muscles who fights for the rights of his own kind.
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Branko is that evil to hold back one of his players advancements.
Branko is destined to lead his people out of the bondage they are enduring in the lands of non.
Branko is definitely a different type of player and i hope i can play off him the same way as i did a few years ago when ashley ward helped me through the.
Branko is a fellow of the academy of science of the royal society of canada.

What is the origin of name Branko? Probably Serbia or UK.

Branko spelled backwards is Oknarb
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Broakn Rnokba Ankobr Obkarn Rkaobn Nkaobr Rboank Norkab Nbaork Knorba Rnaobk Brokna
Misspells: Brsnko Btanko Blanko Banko Brankoa Barnko Branok Brakno

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