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The word Astrid has a web popularity of 82200000 pages.


What means Astrid?

The meaning of Astrid is: Divine Strength

Ottar Vendel says: It's an old Scandinavian name and has nothing to do with the Netherlands.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Astrid is een belgische telecommunicatieoperator met een heel bijzondere opdracht.
Astrid is a belgian telecommunications operator tasked with the challenging job of setting up a radio and data communication network primarily intended for the.
Astrid is moved to a series of horrendous foster homes but cannot escape the reach of her mother who fears.
Astrid is so determined not to allow herself to be vulnerable again that when she has a chance for a home with a kind.
Astrid is looking at how new technologies can be of benefit to people with dementia and their carers.
Astrid is thus removed from her home in the hollywood hills and placed in the hands.
Astrid is a quiet precocious girl that adores her mother.
Astrid is not in fact scheduled to perform on wednesday.
Astrid is venturing further into the field of video production and motion graphics.
Astrid is after her significant other ends in the girl being shot.

What is the origin of name Astrid? Probably Norway or Netherlands.

Astrid spelled backwards is Dirtsa
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Dtiars Tdasir Tridas Dsarit Datisr Sitdar Ritdas Asdirt
Misspells: Sstrid Asttid Asttrid Astryd Astlid Astid Atrid Astrida Atsrid Astrdi Astird

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Astrid Elvira Abrahamsson
Astrid Birgitta Källberg
Astrid Stenlund Abbt
Astrid Svensson
Astrid Friberg
Astrid Simonsson
Astrid Bruun Levin
Astrid Söderberg
Astrid Dufvenmark
Astrid Bergfeldt
Astrid Ingegärd Eliasson
Astrid Margreta Bergström
Astrid Fridolfsson
Astrid Jonason
Astrid Körner
Astrid Leandersson
Astrid Goldring
Astrid Wilén
Astrid Elisabet Söderberg
Astrid Marianne Hedin
Astrid Holmgren Alexandersson
Astrid Frohde
Astrid Burman
Astrid Lindstedt
Astrid Viktoria Mode
Astrid Stolt
Astrid Lindblom
Astrid Knutsson
Astrid Anita Olausson
Astrid Taberman
Astrid Kassberg
Astrid Johnsson
Astrid Skönström
Astrid Kroner
Astrid Viola Engelsted
Astrid Foyn Hagberg
Astrid Olofsson
Astrid Agneta Dahlbeck
Astrid Selli Söderman
Astrid Margaret Forsberg
Astrid Margareta Froby
Astrid Tägt
Astrid Hellerup
Astrid Grass
Astrid Norman
Astrid Mellin
Astrid Ahlblom
Astrid Mccormack
Astrid Isoz