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The word Annelie has a web popularity of 5190000 pages.


What means Annelie?

The meaning of Annelie is: Short form of ANNELIESE

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...Annelie is responsible for all the typing and setup of correspondence.
Annelie is druk met haar vakken wat behoorlijk veel tijd kost.
Annelie is the managing director of ancor empowerment pty ltd.
Annelie is a competitive cyclist and will race in regional as well as national cup events.
Annelie is already in burundi where she has been for the past two and a half years running an orphanage.
Annelie is a dutch national living in holland who speaks dutch.
Annelie is very experience and has been trained in nsw.
Annelie is a long time resident of the bay islands with knowledge on all the bay islands with specialist knowledge on russell island.
Annelie is 22 years old and has been mixing her magic over the past two years.
Annelie is examining how the language in recent polish and russian commercial advertisements may be manipulated to target male and female.

What is the origin of name Annelie? Probably Sweden or UK.

Annelie spelled backwards is Eilenna
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Naeneil Nneilea Neliena Ienaeln Ealienn Inenael Nialene Enelian Neanlei Eanneil Lienean
Misspells: Snnelie Annellie Annelye Anneliea Annelei Anneile

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Annelie Krüger Hilm
Annelie Kindberg
Annelie Westblom
Annelie Ahl
Annelie Glad
Annelie Svedberg Blyberg
Annelie Berglund
Annelie Ehn Johansson
Annelie Stenman
Annelie Brorsson
Annelie Graan
Annelie Wendin
Annelie Holmberg Eskemyr
Annelie Sjöqvist
Annelie Ersson
Annelie Karlsson
Annelie Smith
Annelie Jonsson
Annelie Gillberg
Annelie Valtonen
Annelie Friessnegg
Annelie Johnson
Annelie Bodelsson
Annelie Holfve
Annelie Skoglund
Annelie Brandt
Annelie Lagebro
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