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The word Soriano has a web popularity of 43300000 pages.


What means Soriano?
The meaning of Soriano is unknown.

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...Soriano is in good shape with willie randolph and joe torre.
Soriano is what to do with his seemingly limitless potential.
Soriano is consoled by derek jeter alfonso soriano is consoled by derek jeter.
Soriano is having a breakout year in just his second full season in the majors.
Soriano is on pace to become the fourth player in history with a 40.
Soriano is also examined the role of growth factors in development by generating targeted mutations in the genes encoding both receptors for platelet.
Soriano is located about 40 kilometers from the port city of santiago de cuba.
Soriano is a principle investigator at the nlrc and an associate professor of human development at cal state san marcos.
Soriano is one homerun short dominican alfonso soriano is just one homerun away from becoming the first second baseman in major league baseball history to hit.
Soriano is just one home run shy of becoming the fourth player in history to belt 40 home runs and steal 40.

What is the origin of name Soriano? Probably Philippines or France.

Soriano spelled backwards is Onairos
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Osorina Oronais Rianoos Noosiar Osanior Noorsia Ainosro Isorona Naroiso Oarosin
Misspells: Sorisno Sotiano Soryano Soliano Soiano Oriano Sorianoa Sroiano Soriaon Sorinao

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