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The word Mahlangu has a web popularity of 1710000 pages.


What means Mahlangu?
The meaning of Mahlangu is unknown.

zingisa ndlela says: I need 2 find Mbongeni Felix Mahlangu who is living in johannesburg who works with his father in a compony that designs fashion 4 celebrities etc.

Stanley Shandu says: Mahlangu means 'to extract' (HLANGULA) Removing yourself from a situation. I is a Nguni Ndebele surname of South Africa and the name of the Ruling Dynasty of Ndzundza Mabhoko royal house of the Ndebele ethnic group.

Andrew says: I need to know the mahlangu(petha) clan and their elders

Tshepo Mahlangu says: I am a proud Mahlangu, surname with substance

Daniel Mahlangu SoDiye says: Mahlangu means reedbuck (plural). One reedbuck is ihlangu.

Lettie says: Mahlangu mean shlangu eskhulu sakosomagogo

Andrew Bongani Mahlangu says: Mahlangu Ntungwa Mheshe!

Maureen says: Looking for Joseph mahlangu who born between 40s and 50s.he once work in Johannesburg in late 70s.I was told he is from Witbank.the problem is I don't know where in Witbank.please I really really need him please anyone from mahlangu's who is interested in my story please my email or my number 0737720311.please contact me.I am pleading

khabonina b mahlangu says: Proudly Ndebele #Mahlangu name will keep on rising 💗

puiso mahlangu says: I am a proud daughter of the MAHLANGUS

What is the origin of name Mahlangu? Probably South Africa or UK.

Mahlangu spelled backwards is Ugnalham
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Numlahga Gmaulahn Anhugalm Hamguanl Ahlagnum Agmunalh
Misspells: Mshlangu Mahllangu Mahlangua Mhalangu Mahlanug Mahlagnu

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