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The word Mabena has a web popularity of 294000 pages.


What means Mabena?
The meaning of Mabena is unknown.

Mabena says: Mabena is a royal surname. Origin = South Africa (Ndebele)

nompumelelo mabena says: I didn't know our surname was that popular! Wow

Lana Nkosi says: I'm searching for my father whom i dnt know physicaly I only know the name and surname.Elliot Mabena who was leaving in Kwa Thema,I dont know the place exactly but they told me that he was living at any one who can help me find this person please help.My mom's name is Belinah Nkosi and I'm Lana NKOSI THE GIRL CHILD OF eLLIOT Mabena.Me and my mom we living at Langaville,EXT4,Tsakane stand number its 4103

Mngoma says: It is a Nguni surname, the proper spelling is Mabhena

Thabisile says: @Mngoma not all Mabenas are spelt the same, this selling is also correct. Yes Ndebele Royal surname

annabellmabhena says: it is one of the most respected surname in africa

Lebogang khuwa mabena says: WOW! I dint knw dat my surname is dat special but anyway um so grateful 2 knw dat.ROYAL SURNAME!

Matthews Mabena says: Very special surname,I concur

Jabulani J Mabena says: Once upon a time there was a king of ndebele nation, he had two sons, first born was Manala and the second born was nzuza, so the king use like manala,and the mother use like nzuza very much,so as times goes, the king had an eyes problems (cartharite disease) so the king wanted to pass the chieftensy to Manala, but because the mother didn't like Manala,and Manala use to like hunting imbuduma, so when the king was trying to call manala, he was not there, so their mother quickly called his favorite son nzuza,because nzuza was harry as manala was,they came up with a plan of sheep flair that's how nzuza got his royal, as they grow up Manala had a son by the name of MabenĂ , and Nzuza had a son called Mahlangu, and Mabena had 10 boys,Ndidi,pofu,Mathu'mbakgonjwa,ect...., as Mahlangu had also boys their name was Mgweza, bungela,ect..., don't remember very well, that's my grandfather thought me, I'm Mabena, Mbuduma,Manala,Pofu, Mahlogi'komo badlumuntu, isgwegwe sikabingweni,ingcagu,

Lucky Sokasuye Mabhena says: Lana Nkosi please Send me your contact on my email I might be able to help you.

Dumisani Eugene Mabena says: I'm a full Mabena"Ndidi" and wud rily like to encourage al d Mabena's to stand and praise to their surname,sithokhoze maNdebele:Mbuduma.

Tshepiso Mabena says: Wow Mabena's is so extremely large according to the statistics..

Joshuah Mabena says: Mabena surname originate from a name, Mabena and Mahlangu were siblings which later they went the separate ways and taking over their kingdoms after the passing of their father after a conflict. They are the ndebeles of the south and Mabena is the original beneficiary of the Ndebele kingdom known as amandebele ka Manala.

Sphiwe Mabena says: Mbuduma,mandebele khethu sthokoze

vusimuzi j mabena says: Mabena are the royal blood of the ndebele clan

lindiwe Mabena says: Mabena Mbuduma masuka yisukile

leruo mabena says: there are many mabenas in botswana

Mkululi Pofu Mabhena says: May I kindly ask to be connected to the Mabhenas. I would like trace back my origins. History tells us that we from Pofu but there is a gap in between cause our grand grand grand dad came to Zimbavwe with Mzikikazi Impis after fights with Manala impis. My father is Lucas Mpofu/Pofu his dad was Thabalala his dad was Nhlamba his was Mdluhelwa/Mutsuhela and his was Ragali/Rahali

Babongile Mabena says: I am trying to find my grandfathers relatives his name was Sicwayize Mabena can anyone please help..

Leruo Mabena says: There are also many mabena in Botswana

What is the origin of name Mabena? Probably UK or South Africa.

Mabena spelled backwards is Anebam
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Maabne Bamane Abemna Benama Aamenb Anbame Enbama Abenma Amaben Embaan Aebman Aebamn Maaneb
Misspells: Msbena Mabenaa Mbaena Mabean Mabnea

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