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The word Pavlica has a web popularity of 787000 pages.


What means Pavlica?
The meaning of Pavlica is unknown.

What is the origin of name Pavlica? Probably Serbia or Czech Republic.

Pavlica spelled backwards is Acilvap
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Vilaapc Ailvacp Avacilp Vlicaap Caapliv Apiclav Vapailc Vipalac Ilcapva Avilapc Lpavaci Civalpa Iclaapv
Misspells: Psvlica Pavllica Pavlyca Pawlica Pavlicaa Pvalica Pavliac Pavlcia

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Georgije Pavlica
Leona Pavlica
Luka Pavlica
Nevenka Pavlica
Marica Pavlica
Marina Pavlica
Emina Pavlica
Olivera Pavlica
Dimitrije Pavlica
Stojanka Pavlica
Vujo Pavlica
Ljupko Pavlica
Draginja Pavlica
Cvijeta Pavlica
Smiljka Pavlica
Mirjana Pavlica
Biljana Pavlica
Desanka Pavlica
Jagoda Pavlica
Mileva Pavlica
Danilo Pavlica
Bogdan Pavlica
Irina Pavlica
Slavko Pavlica
Marinko Pavlica
Radmila Pavlica
Branka Pavlica
Pera V Pavlica
Dane Pavlica
Danica Pavlica
Koviljka Pavlica
Lazar Pavlica
Mira Pavlica
Mihajlo Pavlica
Filip Pavlica
Marko Pavlica
Nenad Pavlica
Senija Pavlica
Dragana Pavlica
Ratka Pavlica
Milica Pavlica