Pandurov - details and analysis   

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The word Pandurov has a web popularity of 50500 pages.


What means Pandurov?
The meaning of Pandurov is unknown.

What is the origin of name Pandurov? Probably Serbia or Russia.

Pandurov spelled backwards is Vorudnap
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Urdonavp Dnurpoav Opuvdanr Nupovard Radopnuv
Misspells: Psndurov Pandutov Pandurow Pandulov Panduov Pandurova Pnadurov Pandurvo Panduorv

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Pandurov Pandurov Pandurov Pandurov Pandurov

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Luka Pandurov
Lazar Pandurov
Borislav Pandurov
Bogoljub Pandurov
Zlatija Pandurov
Milovan Pandurov
Dragoljub Pandurov
Marinko Pandurov
Gorinka Pandurov
Jovanka Pandurov
Nenad Pandurov
Obrad Pandurov
Veselin Pandurov
Ivana Pandurov
Jasenka Pandurov
Milenko Pandurov
Radmila Pandurov
Dragomir Pandurov
Tihomir Pandurov
Miljana Pandurov
Mileta Pandurov
Sava Pandurov
Svetlana Pandurov
Stevan Pandurov
Mita Pandurov
Srbislav Pandurov
Ilona Pandurov
Bogdan Pandurov
Milutin Pandurov
Savka Pandurov
Radoslava Pandurov
Olga Pandurov
Vojislav Pandurov
Margita Pandurov
Zorica Pandurov
Radojka Pandurov
Julka Pandurov
Svetislav Pandurov
Ljubomir Pandurov
Olgica Pandurov
Predrag Pandurov
Ranka Pandurov
Jelica Pandurov
Smiljana Pandurov
Dragan Pandurov
Milena Pandurov
Veljko Pandurov
Vera Pandurov
Milana Pandurov
Radomir Pandurov
Radica Pandurov
Natalija Pandurov
Milivoj Pandurov
Vasilije Pandurov
Slobodanka Pandurov
Veselinka Pandurov