Obrenov - details and analysis   

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The word Obrenov has a web popularity of 50600 pages.


What means Obrenov?
The meaning of Obrenov is unknown.

What is the origin of name Obrenov? Probably Serbia.

Obrenov spelled backwards is Vonerbo
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Bovreon Rnebvoo Bnervoo Renovbo Ovboenr Vonoebr Roonebv Enroovb Vbenoor Rvobneo Voorben Rnovebo Neovorb Noebvor
Misspells: Obtenov Obrenow Oblenov Obenov Obrenova Orbenov Obrenvo Obreonv

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Aleksandar Obrenov
Gavra Obrenov
Mihajlo Obrenov
Vidosava Obrenov
Lazar Obrenov
Isidor Obrenov
Radmila Obrenov
Milan Obrenov
Bosiljka Obrenov
Saša Obrenov
Siniša Obrenov
Nenad Obrenov
Branka Obrenov
Jevrem Obrenov
Radoslav Obrenov
Zora Obrenov
Milena Obrenov
Gliša Obrenov
Zlata Obrenov
Miroljub Obrenov
Kruna Obrenov
Sanja Obrenov
Zorica Radukin Obrenov
Jolan Obrenov
Dragoslav Obrenov
Grozdana Obrenov
Zorica Obrenov
Emil Obrenov
Miloš Obrenov
Dejan Obrenov
Stevica Obrenov
Svetlana Obrenov
Petar Obrenov
Vasa Obrenov
Miroslav Obrenov
Vlastimir Obrenov
Dragica Obrenov
Dušan Obrenov
Stevan Obrenov
Biljana Obrenov
Milanka Obrenov
Sava Obrenov
Nada Obrenov
Dimitrije Obrenov
Ljiljana Obrenov
Jelena Obrenov
Nikola Obrenov
Gena Obrenov
Duško Obrenov
Jovan Obrenov
Ivan Obrenov
Radivoj Obrenov
Slobodanka Obrenov