Galjak - details and analysis   

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The word Galjak has a web popularity of 93800 pages.


What means Galjak?
The meaning of Galjak is unknown.

What is the origin of name Galjak? Probably Serbia or UK.

Galjak spelled backwards is Kajlag
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Gaklaj Klagja Ajkagl Ljakga Kagjal Kgalaj Jkaalg Gakajl
Misspells: Gsljak Galljak Galjaka Glajak Galjka Galajk

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Desimir Galjak
Dimitrije Galjak
Dejan Galjak
Veljko Galjak
Ivica Galjak
Radoslav Galjak
Milisav Galjak
Jugoslav Galjak
Vesna Galjak
Veroljub Galjak
Vladica Galjak
Radiša Galjak
Stojana Galjak
Miodrag Galjak
Ratomir Galjak
Mihajlo Galjak
Radisav Galjak
Predrag Galjak
Razvigor Galjak
Biljana Galjak
Petko Galjak
Martin Galjak
Ivan Galjak
Gojko Galjak
Bogdan Galjak
Kosta Galjak
Svetozar Galjak
Vasilije Galjak
Aleksandar Galjak
Olga Galjak
Tatjana R Galjak
Dragan Galjak
Slobodan Galjak
Jovica Galjak
Hranislav Galjak
Rajko Galjak
Nenad Galjak
Verica Galjak
Dragoljub Galjak
Darko Galjak
Petar Galjak
Ranko Galjak
Ljubinko Galjak
Bogoljub Galjak
Radašin Galjak
Radojko Galjak
Miroslava Galjak
Mirjana Galjak
Milan Galjak
Rade Galjak
Radivoje Galjak
Zlatko Galjak
Radomir Galjak
Igor Galjak
Dobrivoje Galjak
Blagoje Galjak
Stevan Galjak
Bojan Galjak
Milutin Galjak
Mileva Galjak
Budimir Galjak
Zoran Galjak
Jasmina Galjak
Tomislav Galjak
Boban Galjak
Momir Galjak
Todor Galjak
Stana Galjak