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The word Bogdanov has a web popularity of 3330000 pages.


What means Bogdanov?
The meaning of Bogdanov is unknown.

Mladen says: Bogdanov could be translated (in Serbian) as GOD-GIVEN.

Aleksandr Bogdanov says: Bogdanov is a Slavic surname, using the suffix 'ov', which is generally Russian. Bogdanov means 'Of Bogdan' - Bogdan being an old Slavic first name, which in the literal sense means 'God given'.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Bogdanov is trying to go the way of west side story.
Bogdanov is a kinetic matter and his portrait could only be captured on the run.
Bogdanov is fluent in chinese and enjoys excellent relations among the regions of china surrounding the amur oblast.
Bogdanov is something of a local legend for his last guthrie production.
Bogdanov is true to style with yet another provocative.
Bogdanov is the founding director of the moscow school of theatrical biomechanics and instructor of biomechanics at the russian academy of theatre arts.
Bogdanov is organising a trial on acaricides in wax.
Bogdanov is sending a clear message that those who think that with the end of the revolution the utopia will come and all will be well are mistaken.
Bogdanov is the president of vermico which is the leader in earthworm information and technology.
Bogdanov is an associate in the litigation department and concentrates her practice in the area of bankruptcy matters representing debtors.

What is the origin of name Bogdanov? Probably Russia or Serbia.

Bogdanov spelled backwards is Vonadgob
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Andogovb Dganboov Obavdogn Gabovond Nodobgav
Misspells: Bogdsnov Bogdanow Bogdanova Bgodanov Bogdanvo Bogdaonv

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