Boškov - details and analysis   

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The word Boškov has a web popularity of 582000 pages.


What means Boškov?
The meaning of Boškov is unknown.

What is the origin of name Boškov? Probably Serbia or Czech Republic.

Boškov spelled backwards is Vokšob
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

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Milivoje Boškov
Ljiljana Boškov
Radoslav Boškov
Bogdan Boškov
Radojka Boškov
Marina Boškov
Dobrila Boškov
Ognjen Boškov
Branislav Boškov
Jordan Boškov
Negoslava Boškov
Olga Boškov
Dimitrije Boškov
Jelena Boškov
Manda Boškov
Luka Boškov
Boban Boškov
Aleksa Boškov
Marko Boškov
Miroslav Boškov
Milanka Boškov
Slobodanka Boškov
Darko Boškov
Krsta Boškov
Miroslava Boškov
Zoran Boškov
Savka Boškov
Radovan Boškov
Slobodan Boškov
Ljubomir Boškov
Stevica Boškov
Svetlana Boškov
Milka Boškov
Verica Boškov
Danka Boškov
Novak Boškov
Mirjana Boškov
Ivan Boškov
Tomislav Boškov
Mitko Boškov
Sava Boškov
Petar Boškov
Mirko Boškov
Marica Boškov
Brankica Boškov
Dragan Boškov
Maja Boškov
Bogoljub Boškov
Biljana Boškov
Jadranka Boškov
Milan Boškov
Jasmina Boškov
Vesna Boškov
Asen Boškov
Smilja Boškov
Stevan Boškov
Anka Boškov
Nevenka Boškov
Svetozar Boškov
Irena Boškov
Borivoj Boškov
Gordana Boškov
Slavica Boškov
Vladimir Boškov
Stojan Boškov
Branka Boškov
Branko Boškov
Marija Boškov
Merima Boškov
Aleksandar Boškov
Nada Boškov
Zdravka Boškov
Milutin Boškov
Kaja Boškov
Elena Boškov
Jovanka Boškov
Miodrag Boškov
Mladen Boškov
Koviljka Boškov
Radomir Boškov
Ljiljana Maletin Boškov