Alavanja - details and analysis   

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The word Alavanja has a web popularity of 153000 pages.


What means Alavanja?
The meaning of Alavanja is unknown.

What is the origin of name Alavanja? Probably Serbia or Norway.

Alavanja spelled backwards is Ajnavala
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Alanvaja Vaanajla Naavaajl Lajvanaa Janavala Lnaajava Aavjalna
Misspells: Slavanja Allavanja Alawanja Alavanjaa Aalvanja Alavanaj Alavajna

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Mladen Alavanja
Mirko Alavanja
Zorka Alavanja
Anka Alavanja
Jovica Alavanja
Momir Alavanja
Zagorka Alavanja
Zdravko Alavanja
Stanko Alavanja
Marija Alavanja
Dragomir Alavanja
Nevenka Alavanja
Ilinka Alavanja
Nikola Alavanja
Aleksandra Alavanja
Bojan Alavanja
Dragana Alavanja
Velibor Alavanja
Radomir Alavanja
Milenko Alavanja
Radivoj Alavanja
Denis Alavanja
Olga Alavanja
Vladimir Alavanja
Nenad Alavanja
Smilja Alavanja
Draga Alavanja
Tonislav Alavanja
Sava Alavanja
Vitomir Alavanja
Slavko Alavanja
Danica Alavanja
Bogdan Alavanja
Branka Alavanja
Milan Alavanja
Stevan Alavanja
Mirjana Alavanja
Mile Alavanja
Todor Alavanja
Petar Alavanja
Gordana Alavanja
Boris Alavanja
Svetlana Alavanja
Aleksandar Alavanja
Branko Alavanja
Sanja Alavanja
Mara Alavanja
Nada Alavanja
DuĊĦan Alavanja
Rajko Alavanja
Julijana Alavanja
Borka Alavanja
Ognjen Alavanja
Nevena Alavanja
Lenka Alavanja
Dragan Alavanja
Miodrag Alavanja
Ljubica Alavanja
Radmila Alavanja
Tihomir Alavanja
Smiljana Alavanja
Veljko Alavanja
Biljana Alavanja
Darko Alavanja
Velimir Alavanja
Pera Alavanja
Marko Alavanja
Tomislav Alavanja
Milica Alavanja
Jovo Alavanja
Verica Alavanja
Lazar Alavanja
Ljubomir Alavanja
Zorica Alavanja