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The word Sava has a web popularity of 60400000 pages.


What means Sava?

The meaning of Sava is: Grandfather

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...Sava is comprised of specially trained victim advocates who are on.
Sava is a modern town in the center of the sharon region.
Sava is not liable for bank charges or any other costs incurred by delegates in attending the event.
Sava is one of the most prominent foods processing companies in republika srpska.
Sava is a screensaver system that allows you to write modules in java and run them on your machine as a screensaver.
Sava is a system that lets you write screensaver modules in java.
Sava is 945 km long and in the belgrade area its course is 30 km long.
Sava is happy he was able to tell an adventure of his childhood hero.
Sava is significantly restricted and we are one of perhaps 500 to 600 companies in the entire united kingdom who are favoured with membership.
Sava is presented the highest award of the republic of slovenia for business excellence.

What is the origin of name Sava? Probably Romania or Moldova.

Sava spelled backwards is Avas
This name has 4 letters: 2 vowels (50.00%) and 2 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Saav Asav Aasv Vsaa Aavs Avas Avsa Vasa Asva
Misspells: Ssva Sawa Ava Savaa Svaa Saav

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Sava Sava Sava Sava Sava
Sava Sava Sava Sava Sava

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