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The word Petrov has a web popularity of 23300000 pages.


What means Petrov?

The meaning of Petrov is: Peterka's son.

ferdinand petrov says: petrov derived from petros given by jesus to simon later changed to petrov, péterfi, in hungarian

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...Petrov is another celtic miracle by roddy thomson it seems you are nowhere these days at celtic unless you can negotiate the footballing.
Petrov is one of the famous and most frequently performed composers of russia.
Petrov is the founder of the highly successful zones.
Petrov is in a sense a very traditional artist following.
Petrov is able to create images so real they are almost disorienting.
Petrov is well known for his dance scenes in opera performances.
Petrov is rightly considered one of the most phenomenal pianists of his generation.
Petrov is blossoming at last and helping celtic rediscover the art of winning matches.
Petrov is a visiting international professor from russia.
Petrov is a visiting international professor from russia where he is a senior research.

What is the origin of name Petrov? Probably Russia or Moldova.

Petrov spelled backwards is Vortep
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Pevtor Vtopre Ervopt Trovpe Veprot Vpoter Rveotp Orvept Pevort
Misspells: Pettov Pettrov Petrow Petlov Petov Petrova Pterov Petrvo Petorv

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