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The word Vladimir has a web popularity of 177000000 pages.


What means Vladimir?

The meaning of Vladimir is: To Rule With Peace

Vladislav Demidov says: No! Vladimir is Not to rule with peace. The origin of Vladimi (volodimir) came from the slavic culture and it means "the owner of the world" Vlad (Vladyelets - owner) Mir (world) from Russian. Vladyelets Mira - owner of the world. I heard people translate that name as it means to rule with peace, but it is incorrect.

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...Vladimir is the center of vladimir region and is located 179 kilometers east of moscow.
Vladimir is a small russian city of approximately 400.
Vladimir is an ideal setting in which to become immersed in russian language and history.
Vladimir is overjoyed that reinforcements have arrived to help with the waiting.
Vladimir is embarking on a pyramid scheme that will rival the fraudulent tendencies of his father back in america.
Vladimir is the son of the great alexander popov and daria shmeleva.
Vladimir is responsible for delivering the food baskets to client families.
Vladimir is situated 45 km to the south from suzdal.
Vladimir is the son of immigrants who came to the us via a carter administration swap.
Vladimir is visited by representatives of the major monotheistic religions.

What is the origin of name Vladimir? Probably Russia or Moldova.

Vladimir spelled backwards is Rimidalv
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Daimvilr Irmadilv Lmariidv Vidimral Livarimd Vamlidri
Misspells: Vlsdimir Vladimit Vlladimir Vladymir Wladimir Vladimil Vladimi Vladimira Valdimir Vladimri Vladiimr

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Vladimir Dybov
Vladimir Vandamm
Vladimir Vodyan
Vladimir Ostankovich
Vladimir Poznikhiryov
Vladimir Zalyotnyy
Vladimir Izbyshev
Vladimir Chikminyov
Vladimir Yarmoshko
Vladimir Gamza
Vladimir Karabinov
Vladimir Goryushko
Vladimir Stepanovici
Vladimir Iokers
Vladimir Sparak
Vladimir Tselitan
Vladimir Ognyov
Vladimir Kakosha
Vladimir Oprokidnev
Vladimir Gusiatin
Vladimir Monastyretsky
Vladimir Dovbush
Vladimir Lankevich
Vladimir Koloberda
Vladimir Gladkovich
Vladimir Kelgaev
Vladimir Velegurin
Vladimir Khabal
Vladimir Dragoner
Vladimir Tumanik
Vladimir Soloyev
Vladimir Izibairov
Vladimir Nikora
Vladimir Dyagel
Vladimir Garchenko
Vladimir Okladnyy
Vladimir Senatorov
Vladimir Kokorzhitsky
Vladimir Shpotin
Vladimir Vorganov
Vladimir Procenko
Vladimir Iskakov
Vladimir Bylinin
Vladimir Galdun
Vladimir Grytskov
Vladimir Verbilo
Vladimir Kapshivyy
Vladimir Presayzen
Vladimir Mgeladze
Vladimir Spevov
Vladimir Znaemsky
Vladimir Boktaev
Vladimir Shastin
Vladimir Torbun
Vladimir Buyakin
Vladimir Goryavin
Vladimir Dolgolenko
Vladimir Pintusov
Vladimir Klapatiuk
Vladimir Polumienko
Vladimir Varzegov
Vladimir Tristen
Vladimir Tuilenev
Vladimir Vyazhansky
Vladimir Derebizov
Vladimir Nurmanbetov
Vladimir Begovatov
Vladimir Kostrikin
Vladimir Schobak
Vladimir Alevsky
Vladimir Kolpaschikov
Vladimir Lumpov
Vladimir Proshev
Vladimir Muximov
Vladimir Bilinkov
Vladimir Zybov
Vladimir Sambir
Vladimir Khvastovsky
Vladimir Gotfrid
Vladimir Sachik
Vladimir Lostyunin
Vladimir Vyuterikh
Vladimir Yakhov
Vladimir Chingidi
Vladimir Schekunov
Vladimir Odobrenov
Vladimir Turkatov
Vladimir Kirpichnikov
Vladimir Dorockiy
Vladimir Rashkevich
Vladimir Tissen
Vladimir Schupachkin
Vladimir Evstafehev
Vladimir Sokolachko
Vladimir Zhivalyov
Vladimir Zakhartsov
Vladimir Dutov
Vladimir Glatman