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The word Svetlana has a web popularity of 7060000 pages.


What means Svetlana?

The meaning of Svetlana is: Bright Light

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...Svetlana is one of the oldest and largest enterprises in the electronics sector in russia.
Svetlana is a ukrainian lady who lives in the town of tsiurupinsk.
Svetlana is the largest power tube designer and manufacturer in the world.
Svetlana is dedicated to ensuring that the druzhina groups get the support they need to.
Svetlana is now working on a joint project to study the molecular ecology of acidophilic methanotrophs with dr.
Svetlana is extensively covered in photographs in the gymnastics magazines and on other websites.
Svetlana is a very beautiful gymnast on the balance beam.
Svetlana is actively involved in the local engineering community.
Svetlana is 27 yo college teacher of ukrainian language and literature in kherson.
Svetlana is built like a real woman in the chest area as well.

What is the origin of name Svetlana? Probably Russia or Moldova.

Svetlana spelled backwards is Analtevs
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Evsatanl Latnevas Nelavats Nveatsal Tlaesavn
Misspells: Svetlsna Svetllana Svettlana Swetlana Vetlana Svetlanaa Sevtlana Svetlaan Svetlnaa

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Svetlana Svetlana Svetlana Svetlana Svetlana

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Svetlana Zakotyanskaya
Svetlana Kadnitsovskaya
Svetlana Barzenkova
Svetlana Ribkina
Svetlana Lavrenina
Svetlana Lyubeshkina
Svetlana Fataydinova
Svetlana Shibari
Svetlana Skribantovich
Svetlana Bogatyreva
Svetlana Docheva
Svetlana Sagatdinonova
Svetlana Koryabochkina
Svetlana Valdavina
Svetlana Abraham
Svetlana Maykevich
Svetlana Gutsalova
Svetlana Radoslavleva
Svetlana Kudlachyova
Svetlana Safiullova
Svetlana Bitanova
Svetlana Silunova
Svetlana Klyapova
Svetlana Kupervar
Svetlana Kobik
Svetlana Krivix
Svetlana Gudashnikova
Svetlana Arbaeva
Svetlana Kurosovskaya
Svetlana Kulishkina
Svetlana Chmyga
Svetlana Eretnova
Svetlana Zelenets
Svetlana Zheltysheva
Svetlana Zavorotnyaya
Svetlana Manzarkhanova
Svetlana Mynttinen
Svetlana Gyul
Svetlana Arbeeva
Svetlana Vilkhovaya
Svetlana Ratmanskaya
Svetlana Bezpalko
Svetlana Azimova
Svetlana Shkarpitnaya
Svetlana Tatarchuk
Svetlana Mingaleeva
Svetlana Shaburnikova
Svetlana Tolmacova
Svetlana Shvyrova
Svetlana Brimzhanova
Svetlana Panyrina
Svetlana Sakunova
Svetlana Konopelkina
Svetlana Katovich
Svetlana Sukhar
Svetlana Andros
Svetlana Nevalenova
Svetlana Plitkan
Svetlana Tselova
Svetlana Rozakova
Svetlana Khvastovets
Svetlana Bokoch
Svetlana Tyagovskaya
Svetlana Delyaleeva
Svetlana Antrushina
Svetlana Chaplynskaya
Svetlana Gaydabura
Svetlana Dubnyanskaya
Svetlana Yakovleva
Svetlana Solomintseva
Svetlana Shener
Svetlana Rachkinda
Svetlana Takhchidi
Svetlana Kalabina
Svetlana Lyashkevich
Svetlana Tolcheea
Svetlana Maramygina
Svetlana Dydkina
Svetlana Petrushyna
Svetlana Anshina
Svetlana Vychochinasonin
Svetlana Zalilova
Svetlana Kraychinskaya
Svetlana Varyanik
Svetlana Nizova
Svetlana Shindyaeva
Svetlana Krivolutskaya
Svetlana Pisarenkova
Svetlana Krutihina
Svetlana Melikova
Svetlana Popkovich
Svetlana Bovtalova
Svetlana Yudovskaya
Svetlana Baytlesova
Svetlana Razukha
Svetlana Pugolovok
Svetlana Popravkina
Svetlana Belkevich
Svetlana Guslikova
Svetlana Bastron
Svetlana Lorenzen
Svetlana Kaliman
Svetlana Selezen
Svetlana Buravleva
Svetlana Puzin
Svetlana Narmaeva
Svetlana Solobay
Svetlana Smolyanikova
Svetlana Gruodis
Svetlana Streshinskaya
Svetlana Guzey
Svetlana Kasina
Svetlana Rovchak
Svetlana Ovezova
Svetlana Avdoninaknyazev
Svetlana Norko
Svetlana Kozlenya
Svetlana Volzhantseva
Svetlana Vseprosto
Svetlana Titov
Svetlana Zelenogorodtsev
Svetlana Netyx
Svetlana Tsolka
Svetlana Kirbatova
Svetlana Ikonova
Svetlana Zhivolkovskaya
Svetlana Digina
Svetlana Max
Svetlana Kubanskaya
Svetlana Kantsebura
Svetlana Marenyuk
Svetlana Deka
Svetlana Punenkova
Svetlana Aporia
Svetlana Karatueva
Svetlana Bazankova
Svetlana Berezhanova
Svetlana Yagubkina
Svetlana Lada
Svetlana Gulbe
Svetlana Shagirova
Svetlana Gommel
Svetlana Zhilicheva
Svetlana Burtseva
Svetlana Chipitskaya
Svetlana Kazemir
Svetlana Bezrebraya
Svetlana Beim
Svetlana Gugunova
Svetlana Zgura
Svetlana Tabunkova
Svetlana Dorozhnaya
Svetlana Bodik
Svetlana Shukhvostova
Svetlana Zubaly
Svetlana Dzhagaryan
Svetlana Ramennova
Svetlana Manvelova
Svetlana Lesik
Svetlana Sherlaeva
Svetlana Rezenko
Svetlana Uldyakova
Svetlana Nyushko
Svetlana Kabarevskaya
Svetlana Bezverhnjaja
Svetlana Trofimovich
Svetlana Prisyazhnaya
Svetlana Lamozhapova
Svetlana Tsaryuchenko
Svetlana Urupina
Svetlana Popravka
Svetlana Manzhelevskaya
Svetlana Tachaeva
Svetlana Bikulich
Svetlana Gefter
Svetlana Verzhakovskaya
Svetlana Zubyshena
Svetlana Radievskaya
Svetlana Vetana
Svetlana Kushtynova
Svetlana Khodunova
Svetlana Veligorskaya
Svetlana Filipieva
Svetlana Anishkina
Svetlana Naryshkinan
Svetlana Semkovskaya
Svetlana Bukova
Svetlana Trenkaeva
Svetlana Nakaryakowa
Svetlana Vakarova
Svetlana Shmik
Svetlana Bryntseva
Svetlana Khakhalkina
Svetlana Neveleva
Svetlana Tsitseroshina
Svetlana Kalintseva
Svetlana Mashkovska
Svetlana Narozhna
Svetlana Kupchina
Svetlana Merkazina
Svetlana Zaymanova
Svetlana Ryzhuk
Svetlana Ogarkova
Svetlana Bush
Svetlana Konchennaya
Svetlana Kopachyova
Svetlana Lyubosey
Svetlana Juvonen
Svetlana Simdyankina