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The word Sveta has a web popularity of 74500000 pages.


What means Sveta?

The meaning of Sveta is: Light

Web synthesis about this name:

...Sveta is a stunning woman with grey eyes and blonde hair.
Sveta is a pretty young woman with blue eyes and blonde hair.
Sveta is a former director of several churches in russia.
Sveta is a strong tumbler both on beam and floor who showcases a variety of different skills.
Sveta is a strong gymnast and will step into the lineup as one of our top all.
Sveta is planning to start a crafts shop to provide income for other poor families.
Sveta is bound to shoot ahead of all of them with her.
Sveta is often playing for the russian national team.
Sveta is a grad of the musical college as well as being sasha.
Sveta is an amazing cook and she also has an advanced degree in medical science.

What is the origin of name Sveta? Probably Russia or Ukraine.

Sveta spelled backwards is Atevs
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Svate Vtesa Evats Vesta Teavs Seatv Tseav Tavse Tvaes Setva Veats Taevs Satev Avset
Misspells: Svets Svetta Sweta Veta Svetaa Sevta Sveat Svtea

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Sveta Sveta Sveta Sveta Sveta

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Sveta Golotina
Sveta Grushetska
Sveta Dolgashova
Sveta Frana
Sveta Murachyova
Sveta Bakhchisaray
Sveta Ktitarova
Sveta Benson
Sveta Seredneva
Sveta Dobcis
Sveta Azavina
Sveta Lashkhia
Sveta Famutdinova
Sveta Golubets
Sveta Kolopa
Sveta Loznitsa
Sveta Milachka
Sveta Yuldashbaeva
Sveta Rakhmanskaya
Sveta Neznaykina
Sveta Iznova
Sveta Romchenko
Sveta Chernoivanova
Sveta Litvinovy
Sveta Sechinova
Sveta Plichko
Sveta Shukurova
Sveta Raspitina
Sveta Samtsova
Sveta Zavodnikova
Sveta Bella
Sveta Prelest
Sveta Bezukhova
Sveta Mukhamedova
Sveta Otto
Sveta Naydenkova
Sveta Kholikova
Sveta Boroday
Sveta Chezhina
Sveta Marchenkopetrus
Sveta Oryol
Sveta Amirshadyan
Sveta Straganva
Sveta Gayovich
Sveta Gridyaeva
Sveta Stepantsova
Sveta Domanetska
Sveta Dzendzyura
Sveta Dorodnevalav
Sveta Oncharenko
Sveta Lastovina
Sveta Bagnyuk
Sveta Dzibura
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Sveta Belyankina
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Sveta Platanovich
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Sveta Herasemchuk
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Sveta Nekhaychik
Sveta Labudya
Sveta Tamtama
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Sveta Viz
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Sveta Kupryushina