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The word Saule has a web popularity of 13300000 pages.


What means Saule?

The meaning of Saule is: Sun, name of sun goddess

Saule says: Saule is not common name in Russian. It's name from Kazakhstan. Means Light from Sun, reflected on the water.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Saule is a deity of equal or slightly lesser importance than perkons to the people.
Saule is a gravel pit with features such as gravel bars.
Saule is a bimonthly magazine and 4 issues have been published so far.
Saule is currently preparing a major event which will take place in front of the orangerie at versailles.
Saule is signed from most main junctions in la bocca.
Saule is dualistic in that she is depicted as a mother on one hand.
Saule is an experienced researcher in both information technology and user needs.
Saule is wearing a long black and silver polka dotted skirt.
Saule is taking on additional responsibilities as dean of libraries and.
Saule is ryto ir pilna vaiku jiems tik zaidimai o man reikia art.

What is the origin of name Saule? Probably Russia or France.

Saule spelled backwards is Eluas
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Saelu Aluse Uelas Ulsae Ausle Suela Leasu Sulae Eulsa Selua Easul
Misspells: Ssule Saulle Aule Saulea Suale Sauel Salue

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Saule Utyusheva
Saule Mendekinova
Saule Tasybaeva
Saule Zhumyranova
Saule Abduakhitova
Saule Sorsenbaeva
Saule Baytusova
Saule Kusabaeva
Saule Orazbakieva
Saule Maukesheva
Saule Mingazova
Saule Korpibaeva
Saule Sabyr
Saule Edenova
Saule Ankulova
Saule Kairbayeva
Saule Ermekova
Saule Utigalieva
Saule Zhexembekova
Saule Kenesova
Saule Magatova
Saule Zeyn
Saule Nurbisalieva
Saule Iskankyzy
Saule Abdulova
Saule Dyusenbina
Saule Sataeva
Saule Makazh
Saule Baytenova
Saule Sagadieva
Saule Kaylukenova
Saule Khairgazieva
Saule Zholdubaeva
Saule Tizhbaeva
Saule Matkarimova
Saule Baybukhanova
Saule Mamurbaeva
Saule Zhangalieva
Saule Dzhaxylykova
Saule Novoteeva
Saule Zhakenova