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The word Nikolay has a web popularity of 20700000 pages.


What means Nikolay?

The meaning of Nikolay is: From Russian name Nikolay which is of Greek origin (nike+laos "winner of tribes")

Web synthesis about this name:

...Nikolay is about to hang himself when he is found by the police.
Nikolay is willing to undergo any kind of suffering as a form of penitence.
Nikolay is on the lean side of all of these inequities.
Nikolay is spending hours of time entering this with a mouse in cakewalk for the love of listening to it.
Nikolay is a master in low level flying combining precision.
Nikolay is also an accomplished composer and an arranger of folk songs.
Nikolay is also training for the nearly impossible to perform feat of hanging his 6 foot frame from a 5 foot tall light fixture with hand.
Nikolay is also an accomplished composer and arranger of folk songs.
Nikolay is a senior year student in the american university in bulgaria.
Nikolay is interested in attending gallaudet university in washington.

What is the origin of name Nikolay? Probably Russia or Ukraine.

Nikolay spelled backwards is Yalokin
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Inykoal Ilokyan Ikyalon Olkanyi Kyniloa Yankiol Ikloyna Onikyal Alkyoni Ylkinoa
Misspells: Nikolsy Nikollay Nykolay Nikolai Nikolaya Nkiolay Nikolya Nikoaly

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Nikolay Kornychenko
Nikolay Balunovsky
Nikolay Osipenkov
Nikolay Avdenin
Nikolay Pilipeyko
Nikolay Blashkov
Nikolay Brasov
Nikolay Dryazgunov
Nikolay Molis
Nikolay Tsunenko
Nikolay Zugaev
Nikolay Sokhnenko
Nikolay Mensya
Nikolay Chuyurov
Nikolay Kikhaya
Nikolay Olish
Nikolay Kuzevanov
Nikolay Chekoldaev
Nikolay Glzov
Nikolay Drichits
Nikolay Kyussner
Nikolay Dekalyuk
Nikolay Priko
Nikolay Burzhuysky
Nikolay Vasilchishin
Nikolay Cherevaschenko
Nikolay Alyuschenko
Nikolay Shuprovich
Nikolay Ulida
Nikolay Pristinsky
Nikolay Tagun
Nikolay Sorkin
Nikolay Trostinsky
Nikolay Ermolaevy
Nikolay Pogibko
Nikolay Gilko
Nikolay Eunap
Nikolay Latikov
Nikolay Semibolomut
Nikolay Nakolov
Nikolay Klykovsky
Nikolay Efimovykh
Nikolay Skripal
Nikolay Katrych
Nikolay Kanpirovski
Nikolay Kokushkin
Nikolay Khmurin
Nikolay Plavko
Nikolay Rozha
Nikolay Yarko
Nikolay Luknov
Nikolay Amsterdamovich
Nikolay Rodin
Nikolay Krestyaninov
Nikolay Surbanos
Nikolay Busyrev
Nikolay Grigurko
Nikolay Kazhos
Nikolay Tsapenkov
Nikolay Putyat
Nikolay Zvodsky
Nikolay Tristodollarov
Nikolay Ezau
Nikolay Kokiza
Nikolay Trokhinin
Nikolay Lelyanov
Nikolay Kolodyazhnyy
Nikolay Kochuev
Nikolay Komarkin
Nikolay Podosinovsky
Nikolay Rufin
Nikolay Gusakovsky
Nikolay Lastochin
Nikolay Melnichenkov
Nikolay Fedechev
Nikolay Gabinsky
Nikolay Panenko
Nikolay Sorokatyy
Nikolay Gabrielyan
Nikolay Noskova
Nikolay Zarekov
Nikolay Sedoshkin
Nikolay Bliz
Nikolay Parovozov
Nikolay Kundin
Nikolay Bilyy
Nikolay Faynitsky
Nikolay Petrovia
Nikolay Kosmich
Nikolay Rezedent
Nikolay Babashko
Nikolay Melkonyan
Nikolay Palchevsky