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The word Kiril has a web popularity of 712000 pages.


What means Kiril?

The meaning of Kiril is: Lordly

none says: Kiril means Ruler, Master (Kir - Greek)

Georgi Petkov says: This is Bulgarian name

Web synthesis about this name:

...Kiril is an accomplished producer whose previous credits include.
Kiril is now employed with pixar animation studios in richmond.
Kiril is a young monk ho has taken a vow of silence in a twelve century macedonian monastery nestled high in the mountains.
Kiril is an eastern european national living in macedonia who speaks english.
Kiril is going to contact kay about a meeting time for everyone involved with thermal analysis.
Kiril is killed and losch comes up with the idea of getting the gru involved.
Kiril is committed to protecting his own inheritance from an anyway unwilling anna.
Kiril is well presented in traditional soviet drysuit.
Kiril is a member of the holy synod of the roc and head of the department of external religious affairs of the moscow patriarchate.
Kiril is a young novice in an orthodox monastery who cannot help but hide zamira.

What is the origin of name Kiril? Probably Russia or UK.

Kiril spelled backwards is Lirik
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Kilir Rliik Rilik Rikil Irkil Irlik Lriki Ilikr Kriil Ilrik Kliri Likri
Misspells: Kitil Kirill Kyril Kilil Kiil Kirila Kriil Kirli Kiirl

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Kiril Klyap
Kiril Vorgov
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Kiril Galkovich
Kiril Kulida
Kiril Svorin
Kiril Kurasov
Kiril Kachubey
Kiril Tsenker
Kiril Zaklin
Kiril Musraliev
Kiril Polikevich
Kiril Mosievich
Kiril Grygorev
Kiril Dorontov
Kiril Nicheporuk
Kiril Viking
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Kiril Omelko
Kiril Dzagoev
Kiril Zhukovsky
Kiril Arturkin
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Kiril Kumeshev
Kiril Kuchma
Kiril Tropinin
Kiril Borgodjiiski
Kiril Zippoo
Kiril Sversbek
Kiril Barovsky
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Kiril Polonsky
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Kiril Markushev
Kiril Aseev
Kiril Velkov
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Kiril Lko
Kiril Lopysh
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