Talmaciu - details and analysis   

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What means Talmaciu?

The meaning of Talmaciu is: from the word talmaciu dragoman

What is the origin of name Talmaciu? Probably Romania or UK.

Talmaciu spelled backwards is Uicamlat
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Acmilaut Cutmalia Itaumalc Mitcuala Tamicula Almaicut Camitlau Aatluicm Aitucaml
Misspells: Tslmaciu Tallmaciu Ttalmaciu Talmacyu Talmaciua Tlamaciu Talmacui Talmaicu

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Sorinel Talmaciu
Marius Talmaciu
Ilie Talmaciu
Daniela Talmaciu
Cornelia Talmaciu
Savu Talmaciu
Danut Talmaciu
Cristiana Talmaciu
Marian Nelu Talmaciu
Valentin Talmaciu
Mihaela Talmaciu
Alecu Talmaciu
Olga Eleonora Talmaciu
Eusebiu Talmaciu
Aglaea Talmaciu
Culai Talmaciu
Gabriel Talmaciu
Neculai Talmaciu
Eugenia Talmaciu
Mihai Talmaciu
Vasile Talmaciu
Alexandru Talmaciu
Popovici Ioan Talmaciu
Costica Talmaciu
Petre Talmaciu
Tereza Talmaciu
Adrian Talmaciu
Carmen Mihaela Talmaciu
Jean Talmaciu
Ionel Talmaciu
Radu Talmaciu
Vicentiu Talmaciu
Dumitru Talmaciu
Terente Talmaciu
Elena Valentina Talmaciu
Emilia Talmaciu
Cristina Talmaciu
Stefan Talmaciu
Ortansa Talmaciu
Varvara Talmaciu
Liliana Talmaciu
Petru Talmaciu
Zinica Talmaciu
Marinela Talmaciu
Simona Anca Talmaciu
Florin Andrei Talmaciu
Maria Magdalena Talmaciu
Dochita Talmaciu
Aurica Talmaciu
Ion Talmaciu
Catinca Talmaciu
Maricel Talmaciu
Ecaterina Talmaciu
Marin Talmaciu
Viorica Talmaciu
Gabi Talmaciu
Mioara Talmaciu
Toader Talmaciu
Iancu Talmaciu
Gloria Talmaciu
Aurel Talmaciu
Maria Talmaciu
Pavalache Talmaciu
Tiberiu Talmaciu
Floarea Talmaciu
Elena Talmaciu
Catalina Adriana Talmaciu
Ileana Mihaela Talmaciu
Virgil Talmaciu
Carmen Talmaciu
Ioan Talmaciu
Niculai Talmaciu
Florin Talmaciu
Paraschiva Talmaciu
Anton Talmaciu
Mariea Talmaciu
Ruxanda Talmaciu
Maricel Fanel Talmaciu
Dumitru Daniel Talmaciu
Gicu Talmaciu
Victor Talmaciu
Ioana Talmaciu
Constantin Talmaciu
Gheorghe Talmaciu
Aglaia Talmaciu
Daniel Talmaciu
Nicolae Talmaciu