Oprina - details and analysis   

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The word Oprina has a web popularity of 72200 pages.


What means Oprina?

The meaning of Oprina is: from the name oprea plus the diminutive suffix -ina

What is the origin of name Oprina? Probably Romania or Russia.

Oprina spelled backwards is Anirpo
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Oparni Arnoip Pianor Raopni Priona Rinaop Apoinr Paroni Inraop Arinop Poarin Iorapn Airopn Niapor Piraon Opanir
Misspells: Oprins Optina Opryna Oplina Opina Oprinaa Orpina Oprian Oprnia

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Adrian Oprina
Florea Oprina
Stefan Oprina
Bogdan Oprina
Vasile Oprina
Stavar Oprina
Tatiana Oprina
Steliana Oprina
Evelina Mirela Oprina
Anton Oprina
Aurel Oprina
Elisabeta Oprina
Armand Daniel Oprina
Tudor Oprina
Oprina Oprina
Ilie Oprina
Nicolae Oprina
Milanco Oprina
Maria Oprina
Eugen Oprina
Teodora Oprina
Constantin Oprina
Mihail Oprina
Elena Oprina
Dumitru Oprina
Ion Oprina
Florian Oprina
Ioana Florica Oprina
Aurica Oprina
Tudora Oprina
Alexandru Oprina
Haralambie Oprina
Aurelia Oprina
Iuliana Oprina
Ruxanda Oprina
Vasilica Oprina
Eugenia Oprina
Virgil Vasile Oprina
Voichita Oprina
Florin Oprina
Gheorghe Oprina