Opincaru - details and analysis   

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The word Opincaru has a web popularity of 209000 pages.


What means Opincaru?

The meaning of Opincaru is: from the word opincar 1 peasant peasant's sandal maker 2 peasant

What is the origin of name Opincaru? Probably Romania or Germany.

Opincaru spelled backwards is Uracnipo
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Ipoanurc Canripuo Ricupano Nicaorpu Rocunpia Rpianouc Purnoaci Icorupan
Misspells: Opincsru Opincatu Opyncaru Opincalu Opincau Opincarua Oipncaru Opincaur Opincrau

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Florin Opincaru
Cornelia Opincaru
Constantin Opincaru
Aurelia Opincaru
Mariana Opincaru
Radu Dan Opincaru
Lucian Opincaru
Paul Opincaru
Daniel Ionut Opincaru
Petrisor Opincaru
Maria Opincaru
Angela Opincaru
Mihaela Opincaru
Gabriel Opincaru
Madalina Irina Opincaru
Stelian Opincaru
Gheorghe Opincaru
Virginia Opincaru
Neculai Opincaru
Georgeta Opincaru
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Nicolae Opincaru
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Letitia Opincaru
Valentin Mihai Opincaru
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Mircea Opincaru
Susana Opincaru
Valentin Opincaru
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Florica Opincaru
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Elisabeta Opincaru
Anesia Opincaru
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Ilie Opincaru
Paraschiva Opincaru
Alexandru Opincaru
Ioana Opincaru
Marilena Opincaru
Monica Opincaru
Dumitra Opincaru
Ana Opincaru
Marilena Camelia Opincaru
Aurel Opincaru
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Ioan Opincaru
Anica Opincaru
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Aureliu Opincaru
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