Mihordea - details and analysis   

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The word Mihordea has a web popularity of 123000 pages.


What means Mihordea?

The meaning of Mihordea is: from the name mihort plus the suffix -ea

What is the origin of name Mihordea? Probably Romania or UK.

Mihordea spelled backwards is Aedrohim
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Rdoehiam Ehraidom Damorhei Eihdomar Oemdarhi Eadhorim Idhaerom Mroedahi Remadioh Mhoerida
Misspells: Mihordes Mihotdea Myhordea Miholdea Mihodea Mihordeaa Mhiordea Mihordae Mihoreda

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Alecu Mihordea
Costica Mihordea
Sava Mihordea
Mircea Mihordea
Tiberiu Mihordea
Marioara Straja Mihordea
Eugen Mihordea
Marcel Mihordea
Ionel Mihordea
Ana Mihordea
Serban Mihordea
Stefan Mihordea
Antonia Florica Mihordea
Doru Cornel Mihordea
Imbrea Mihordea
Getuza Mihordea
Vasile Mihordea
Traian Mihordea
Petrica Mihordea
Tanase Mihordea
Marian Mihordea
Elena Mihordea
Dorin Mihordea
Ion Mihordea
Cristian Mihordea
Cornelia Mihordea
Mariana Mihordea
Culita Mihordea
Constantin Mihordea
George Stefan Mihordea
Dumitru Mihordea
Toader Mihordea
Viorel Mihordea
Felicia Mihordea
Gheorghe Mihordea
Mihai Mihordea
Cezarina Mihordea