Leizeriuc - details and analysis   

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The word Leizeriuc has a web popularity of 21400 pages.


What means Leizeriuc?

The meaning of Leizeriuc is: from the name leizer variant of lazar plus the ukrainian suffix -juk

What is the origin of name Leizeriuc? Probably Romania or UK.

Leizeriuc spelled backwards is Cuireziel
This name has 9 letters: 5 vowels (55.56%) and 4 consonants (44.44%).

Anagrams: Eziliecur Ureicezil Irezculie Cileezuri Zuceerlii Eiclezuir Ielireuzc
Misspells: Leizetiuc Lleizeriuc Leyzeriuc Leizeliuc Leizeiuc Leizeriuca Liezeriuc Leizericu Leizeruic

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Mariana Leizeriuc
Oltea Leizeriuc
Maria Leizeriuc
Ovidiu Razvan Leizeriuc
Cristina Leizeriuc
Olga Leizeriuc
Constantin Leizeriuc
Aglaia Leizeriuc
Saftica Leizeriuc
George Catalin Leizeriuc
Titus Leizeriuc
Asica Leizeriuc
Laurentiu Leizeriuc
Mihai Leizeriuc
Ion Leizeriuc
Vasile Leizeriuc
Dumitru Leizeriuc
Ghe Viorel Leizeriuc
Emil Leizeriuc
Catalin Leizeriuc
Lenuta Leizeriuc
Ioan Leizeriuc
Aurel Leizeriuc
Adela Leizeriuc
Florica Leizeriuc
Doina Leizeriuc
Gheorghe Leizeriuc
Felicia Leizeriuc