Ghindea - details and analysis   

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The word Ghindea has a web popularity of 190000 pages.


What means Ghindea?

The meaning of Ghindea is: from the word ghinda acorn plus the suffix -ea

What is the origin of name Ghindea? Probably Romania or Moldova.

Ghindea spelled backwards is Aednihg
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Hgained Indeahg Agdenhi Ndiegah Idganhe Dneagih Hidnage Denhagi
Misspells: Ghindes Ghyndea Ghindeaa Gihndea Ghindae Ghineda

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Ana Ghindea
Georgel Ghindea
Vladimir Ghindea
Neculai Florin Ghindea
Stana Ghindea
Sorin Constantin Ghindea
Constantin Ghindea
Maria Ghindea
Adriean Ghindea
Alexandru Ghindea
Neculai Ghindea
Octavian Ghindea
Clara Ghindea
Elena Margareta Ghindea
Livioara Ghindea
Amelia Lidia Ghindea
Virgil Ghindea
Alexandru Liviu Ghindea
Doina Maria Ghindea
Gheorghe Ghindea
Olimpia Ghindea
Iulian Ghindea
Emil Ghindea
Elena Ghindea
Minerva Ghindea
Lucian Ghindea
Ion Ghindea
Luiza Maria Ghindea
Victor Ghindea
Ghe Anica Ghindea
Nicolae Ghindea
Rodica Ghindea
Anna Maria Ghindea
Dumitru Ghindea
Ioan Ghindea
Vasile Ghindea
Virgil Ioan Ghindea
Florentina Ghindea
Mirela Ghindea
Versavia Ghindea
Georgeta Ghindea
Mariana Ghindea
Cornelia Ghindea
Aglaea Ghindea
Teodor Ghindea
Ecaterina Ghindea
Augustina Ghindea
Doinita Ghindea
Neaga Ghindea
Cerassela Ghindea
Martin Ghindea
Vergina Ghindea
Liviu Ghindea