Fulger - details and analysis   

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The word Fulger has a web popularity of 2410000 pages.


What means Fulger?

The meaning of Fulger is: from the word fulger lightning

What is the origin of name Fulger? Probably Romania or Moldova.

Fulger spelled backwards is Regluf
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Furleg Rlefgu Ugrefl Lgerfu Rufgel Rfelug Gruelf Egrufl Furegl
Misspells: Fulget Fullger Fulgel Fulge Fulgera Fluger Fulgre Fulegr

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Sandu Viorel Fulger
Maria Ionica Fulger
Mihaela Aurora Fulger
Valentin Fulger
Liliana Vasilica Fulger
Alexandru Fulger
Titina Fulger
Victoria Fulger
Marinela Fulger
Aurelia Fulger
Grigore Fulger
Lizica Fulger
Florica Fulger
Sofronie Fulger
Crinu Fulger
Sterian Fulger
Nicolae Fulger
Iulian Fulger
Marin Fulger
Iuliana Fulger
Onorica Fulger
Saulea Fulger
Viorel Fulger
Paraschiva Fulger
Victor Fulger
Stefan Fulger
Ileana Fulger
Eugenia Fulger
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Gherghina Fulger
Constanta Fulger
Adela Fulger
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Iulia Fulger
Liliana Fulger
Ioana Fulger
Traian Fulger
Andreea Daniela Fulger
Athena Fulger
Mitica Fulger
Dan Mihai Fulger
Petre Fulger
Gheorghe Fulger
Gina Fulger
Ana Fulger
Marian Fulger
Dumitrache Fulger
Bogdan Ovidiu Fulger
Florin Dinu Fulger
Vasilica Fulger
Clara Fulger
Ecaterina Fulger
Daniela Irina Fulger
Dumitra Fulger
Mircea Fulger
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Ion Fulger
Ioan Fulger
Emil Fulger
Adrian Fulger
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Tanasa Fulger
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Silvian Fulger
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Angheli Fulger
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Gabriela Mariana Fulger
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Nora Fulger